Let’s say goodbye to respectability, and welcome assertiveness (Part 1)

“respectability” and “civility” gives control of what is said to those in power and gives 300 years of more of oppression. When the Irish took up arms between 1900 and 1920, British oppression began its fall in Ireland. Respectability’s return resulted in there still being a Northern Ireland colony. POC and the poor cannot “respect” themselves into having full and equal rights within white and wealth dominated societies.

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Beth Collier shares psychotherapeutic perspectives on the harm of Respectability and why it’s time to welcome a new era of Assertiveness

In 2016 Beyonce gave an era defining Superbowl performance that thrilled and stunned in equal measure. Referencing the Black Panther movement and declaring her love of black traits and characteristics, it was a voice rarely heard in mainstream cultural spaces. It was unapologetic, and its power reverberated. This beautiful demonstration of black excellence propelled black Assertiveness into global conversation.

With Maxine Waters ‘reclaiming my time’, King Johnson asserting ‘I want you to not teach me lies’, Shuri demanding ‘don’t scare me like that, coloniser,’ Issa Rae ‘rooting for everyone black’ and Stormzy calling out ‘where’s the money for Grenfell,’ black Assertiveness is stepping into the mainstream of conversation and culture, rather than remaining protected from white audiences in black communities and cultural hubs.

And no wonder we have protected…

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