The 6-Year-Old Heard on Border Facility Audiotape Is Still Separated From Her Mother, Who Must Parent From 1,000 Miles Away — ProPublica

Jimena Madrid riveted people around the world when her voice was captured on an audiotape after she was separated from her mother inside a Border Patrol detention facility. Three weeks later, reunification remains uncertain. “She says over and over, ‘Mommy, I want to be with you.’”

Source: The 6-Year-Old Heard on Border Facility Audiotape Is Still Separated From Her Mother, Who Must Parent From 1,000 Miles Away — ProPublica

Tit For Tat Tariffs

Even if you are a Repub you know that Trump has fired the shots of a tit for tat tariff war with China first and others to come…..and China will not roll over for Trump……

The United States hiked tariffs on Chinese imports Friday and Beijing announced it was retaliating against American goods in a technology dispute between the world’s two biggest economies that President Trump says he is prepared to escalate. Washington imposed 25% tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports, a first step in what could become an accelerating series of tariffs. Retaliatory measures “took effect immediately,” said a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Lu Kang. Hu gave no details, but the Communist Party newspaper People’s Daily said the customs agency was carrying out a plan announced last month to impose 25% tariffs on a $34 billion list of American goods including soybeans, pork, and electric cars, reports the AP.

The AP reports the first exchange of tariffs is unlikely to inflict much economic harm on either nation. Indeed, Asian financial markets took Friday’s developments in stride. Japan’s main stock index, the Nikkei 225, gained 1.1% while the Shanghai Composite Index added 0.5%. Hong Kong’s Hang Seng rose 0.8%. But President Trump said Thursday that he’s prepared to impose tariffs on up to $550 billion in Chinese imports—a figure that exceeds the $506 billion in goods that China actually shipped to the United States last year. Escalating tariffs would likely raise prices for consumers, inflate costs for companies that rely on imported parts, rattle financial markets, cause some layoffs, and slow business investment. A full-fledged trade war, economists warn, risks tipping the US economy into recession. See the AP for more, including the impacts the tariffs have already had .

I feel this is all just a feel good war…..there will be NO winners…..just workers losing…..

I would think that if someone was a graduate of the Wharton School they would understand the complexities of a trade war….but then I could be mistaken and Wharton does not teach such things.

The EU will be next on the targets of the Trump Tariff Train…..

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Khan al Ahmar…another daily struggle for being Palestinians


For anyone who knows the area, Khan al Ahmar area is more of a trademark to those who go to Jericho or need to use the path to the south towards the dead sea or the north towards Tiberias.

The Bedouin community in that area has been historically residing there. My memories as a child and as an adult continue to see the tents, the tanks, the yards, and the sheep, donkeys and often camels wondering there.

I remember the excitement I the child in me when we passed through the road to see a flock of sheep or a camel in the horizon of the cliff. I continued this habit of excitement as I became a mother, with me the only excited person to see a flock of animals at the seams of the scene.

As Bedouins and their living styles may not be the most appealing image to urban people. They are by all means a natural part of the collective blend of the Palestinian society.

For the last, Bedouin almost two decades the communities in the Khan al Ahmar bedouin families struggled to survive in front a not stoppable attempt to transfer them. While roads and settlements were enslaving their peaceful living for so many decades, they managed to survive.. hardly, with the support of the international community and the locals who continued to support them with minimal aids. Not as a result of the shortage in money or resources, but because of the obstacles and restraints the Israeli government put on them.

In the dreamy time of Oslo, this nightmare was supposed to be handed to Palestinians, something that naturally falls in the 22 percent of future Palestine they agreed upon leaving to us. …well today we are aiming for 2 percent of sovereignty around the Muqata’a in Ramallah.

It is easy to convince the world that some chunks of metal for bedouins are better replaced with traditional buildings somewhere else..after all, they are Bedouin. However, the reality is entirely different. It is about identity, a way of living. Being a Bedouin means being exposed to space. The offers are boxes in comparison to how these people are used to live. It is a way to suffocate them and hence, another way in ethnic cleansing a nation with its different layers.

The EU, the Italians, the French, the Spanish and a long list of countries were involved in saving the Khan al Ahmar along the last decades. Maneuvering sometimes, and playing around other times, and trying to knock on the walls of the system many other times with Palestinians. Building a school for the five communities that live there, continued to be a struggle, in a place where no permits are allowed, and ring roads and settlements and checkpoints are surrounding them and blocking access tot he closest school in the area. The children have to walk around ten kilometers a day to go back and forth to the school at the entrance of Jericho.

A final demolition order to the village was released amid the mess in the surrounding, Ramallah is busy waiting for a new president, and new blocks of negotiations are taking place int he lounges of hotels and offices. Gaza is busy collecting wounded and deceased people while starving to death from lack of resources and brutal blockade. Jerusalem is swinging between Judaization and Israelization, and Kushner is spinning in the area while Trump is blocking the border in his district.

Why would the world feel sympathy for a Palestinian child beaten brutally or watching his parents lynched and prisoned or shot , when children on the borders of the immigration to States are facing the same treatment … in one way or another.. after all Israel has the right to defend itself from Palestinian children and families who are by nature terrorists!.

The struggle in Khan al Ahmar was halted for a week. An achievement amid the brutality of demolitions. A break the Israeli government is making to allow demonstrators and media with their cameras to turn their backs.

A struggle that will not end as long as the opponent is an occupation that has one mission in mind… ethnic cleansing.


“God willing, someone will take pity on me soon.”

My name is Maria*. I have been living in the U.S. for 14 years, but now I am in immigration detention in Illinois. It is painful and exhausting when you don’t have anyone’s support. Being incarcerated because of this country’s immigration laws can be terrifying, and people, out of fear, can be scared to help you. On top of that, it is very expensive to hire an attorney. This is what I am going through now. I need an attorney because my court date is soon and I have no idea what I am going to do. My daughters are what I live for and our separation is painful to me. Especially because I have an 8 month-old baby. My daughters need me! I feel so abandoned because the only family I have are my daughters. They are suffering and cry every day for me because I don’t have the money to pay for an attorney or for bail. Oh my God, this is so hard, because I just want to be with my daughters.

My story is a long one, but the nightmare began on January 11th, 2018 when I had to go to court in Kankake, Illinois. Coming out of the judge’s room, Immigration officers were waiting for me. They took me into a room to arrest me. They asked if I had children and I told them I did. But I was in shock. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening. At that time I had left my 10 year-old daughter and my 7 month-old baby at the house, because I thought I was going to go back home, that everything would go the same way it had in the past. But it wasn’t like that. I pleaded with the agent to let me speak to someone so that they could go and pick up my daughters, but they were rude and didn’t care. They were heartless. The man was Filipino and I thought to myself, how could someone who is also an immigrant have so much hate, or racism, to deport a fellow immigrant from this country?

I am a single mother and I work 7 days week. Everything that one does is just so that their children can have a better life than one’s self. Anyway, later they took me to Chicago and there they took my fingerprints, etc. After their routine search — a horror — I began to realize what was happening and started to cry. I called my Consulate, but they were no help. On the contrary, they told me I’d soon be deported. Wow, what a thing to say.

But the nightmare didn’t end there. I was able to speak to my daughter by telephone and I told her to call our neighbor so that she could come and get her and my baby. From that moment I haven’t been able to see my little girls, even my little one. That very same day I was taken to the McHenry jail, supposedly only temporarily. I started to cry again, and to this day I am praying for my release. The food isn’t the best but I don’t complain because our Father blesses me every day. I ask that I will see my daughters soon. I am looking for a lawyer to take my case here, but it is very slow. My court date is soon and it scares me to think what will happen in court without anyone to represent me. But God is my rock and my protector in the face of this situation. I only ask for a miracle and for some mercy for this mother that is suffering every day, as are all of my companions in here with me so far from their children.

I don’t have money to buy things, like shampoo, but I don’t need it because I know soon I will be getting out of here. I just need help taking up a collection for when I am released on bail, because I need to get back and see my daughters. My heart breaks when I have money to call them and they cry and tell me they love and me and want me to come back soon. My littlest one is with her father (or with my second relationship) but he won’t answer the phone. All I want to know is how she is. I don’t have any control over this because I am in the hands of the enemy.

At times I feel like what I imagine the Jews felt in the times of Hitler because you don’t know what is going to happen to you or where they will take you. When the immigration officials come they are almost like devils, and no one wants to ask about their case out of fear that they will be deported as a result. This is what they have told me happens: that if a girl asks any sort of question about her case she is then deported within days. It’s painful to see all of these cases. We are not criminals. I did not kill anyone; I am only a mother, one who wants to see her daughters grow, to raise them and shape them into respectable women. Please, help us immigrants — we are all brothers and sisters. What brought us here was family, our children. Blessed God, I give my case over to you. You are love; give us strength to overcome this suffering. I hope someone will help me.



*Not her real name

Translated by Katherine Guillen from a letter written to us in Spanish.

Editors note: We’ve attempted to follow up with Maria, but she no longer appears in the ICE Detainee Locator. We are hopeful that she has been released on bond.


“God willing, someone will take pity on me soon.” was originally published in IMM Print on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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