The Deal of the Century…What the hell is that deal?

What’s the deal? There is none that can or will be talked about so people know what is even possible. Just shadows meeting behind closed doors demanding support for their deal – no questions or knowledge needed! Fie!


I am about to ask a serious question. What the hell is this deal? Ever since Trump became president, we have heard about this century deal. Trump is creating the century deal. Kushner is making trips to advocate for the Century Deal. Abbas is resisting. The egyptPalestinian leadership is opposing. Arab countries are warning Egypt is silent.

The Deal will be revealed after Ramadan. The deal is out there. Kushner is back. Prince William is touring and eating Falafel. Abbas will not meet Americans. Ramallah is cleaning the city for the American visitors.

The locals are mobilizing themselves to move against the century deal. An analysis is provided about the pros and cons of the deal.

A demonstration is taking the streets. Nasrallah warns the deal has already started.

What the hell is the deal?

why don’t we have one official come out and tell us what the hell this deal is?


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