lifestyle of humiliation

Who will not resist a life of degradation? If this was your fate in Chicago, what would you do?


I wonder how people manage to survive daily checkpoints. The level of dehumanizing whatever is left of our humanity. When this continues on a regular basis, how can we ever maintain understanding?

The privileged Palestinian that I am, by not having to cross checkpoints on a daily basis, was disprivileged in having to go to the ministry of interior office today.

I am not sure where to start from. The appointment of five months that I missed ( due to my negligence) ( i know I should be accountable on that level). I was late five minutes for the appointment that I mistakingly thought was an hour later. I was late five minutes from the date that I scheduled five months ago. As a reasonable attempt at keeping my humanity in place, I took responsibility for my negligence and tried to set a new appointment. The closest date was in…

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