Inoreader – Benjamin Netanyahu is a fake supporter of democracy

This week, for example, he expressed his admiration for anti-regime protestors in Iran who have been demonstrating against the financial distress caused by the decline in the rial’s value. “Can you imagine what your money could do if it was not spent promoting terrorism, in Syria and in Yemen, and instead would be spent to solve air pollution and water scarcity in Iran?” Netanyahu asked in a video published on his Facebook page, calling the Iranian people “the only solution to these problems.” And yet, just a few days prior, the prime minister didn’t even acknowledge the Israeli families of Yemenite descent who demonstrated outside his home to protest the state’s refusal to address the abduction of Yemenite and other Mizrahi children from their parents during the early years of the state. Entire families who had their children taken away from upon arrival in Israel marched to the Prime Minister’s Residence in the wealthy Rehavia neighborhood, demanding the government take responsibility for one of the darkest chapters in the country’s history. But when they arrived at Netanyahu’s residence, a giant black curtain had been drawn across its entryway. Israeli officials say the curtai

Source: Inoreader – Benjamin Netanyahu is a fake supporter of democracy