Tuesday Open Thread | Where Are The Immigrant Children

What is the Trump regime planning on doing with those kids? Selling them for adoption, human trafficking? There is some wicked EVIL going on. Some folks need to be jailed over this.

It’s monstrous what Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Kristjen Nielsen have done to innocent children. Abusing little kids just because they can & because they’re little Brown children. Racist mofos! Take’em to the ICJ for human rights abuse. Where are our leaders? Somebody stop this monster from hell!

What Rachel Maddow exposed on her show provided proof that the Trump administration is running a migrant child kidnapping ring with no thought of reuniting families. https://t.co/VdhC56UvsT pic.twitter.com/86ZHtuF4JB

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) June 26, 2018