This Is the Quintessential Trump Lie

This Is the Quintessential Trump Lie:


Donald Dumbass claimed to the press that one of the reason he was so desperate to meet with Kim Jong Un was so that he could arrange to have the remains of American soldiers killed during the Korean War (1950-1953). “Thousands” of parents of those fallen soldiers had asked him on the campaign trail to bring back their remains.

This is truly a vintage Trumpian lie. As many have pointed out already… those parents would be a minimum of 101 years old today. More likely, they’d be at least 110. The idea that multiple 110-year-old people came up to Donald Trump on the campaign trail to ask him to bring home the remains of their son killed on North Korean soil 63 years prior is just absurd…

In that way, this is a quintessential Trumpian lie: totally shameless, easily verifiable as false, and rooted in the notion that “many people”—who are never defined further, and who you’ll never be able to find—are telling the president something that he just happens to agree with himself.