Sen. Harris Visits Detention Center, Rallies Against Family Separation

By Andrea Lopez-Villafaña

Kamala Harris, Oray Mesa Detention Center, Family Separation

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris toured the Otay Mesa Detention Center on Friday, June 22. She said her heart was broken after speaking with three mothers detained in the facility. Mario A. Cortez/La Prensa San Diego

To kick off a weekend of nationwide demonstrations against the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris joined immigrant rights supporters to rally against family separation on Friday.

Harris toured the Otay Mesa Detention Center, while several dozen supporters poured off the sidewalk onto the street and denounced the treatment of immigrant families.

The center is the only immigration detention facility in the county and is owned by the private prison company CoreCivic, which contracts to hold individuals in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The senator spoke to three mothers detained at the center during her tour and after exiting, Harris shared with attendees that her heart was broken.

“These mothers have given testimony, have given the stories, have shared their personal stories that are a story of a human rights abuse being committed by the United States government,” Harris said.

Harris spoke to the injustice of the separation of parents and children and expressed sympathy for parents who believed it was safer to endure the trip to the U.S. rather than staying home.

Harris shared with supporters that as a U.S. Senator, she was informed that parents are given free phone calls with their children, however, after her visit she discovered they are charged 85 cents a minute.

“I ask this administration, why would we think these parents to be any different than any one of us when we understand that nothing can comfort our children more at the end of their day than knowing they can speak with their parent and receive a kiss and a hug,” Harris said. “We are depriving over 2,000 children of the benefit of that.”

The senator also said the center resembles a prison and has been outspoken about the need for oversight in immigration detention facilities.

Harris and U.S. Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) introduced a bill last month that aims to increase the oversight of ICE detention centers.

The Detention Oversight Not Expansion Act or DONE Act was introduced to the Senate on May 15 and was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. The DONE Act would also establish that federal funds not be used for the construction or expansion of immigration detention facilities.

Harris and immigrant rights supporters at the rally echoed that President Donald Trump’s executive order to suspend the practice of family separation does not deal with reuniting families who have already been separated.

Local leaders of immigrants’ rights organizations joined Sen. Harris on Friday.

Leaders of the ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties, Casa Cornelia, San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, San Diego Organizing Project and Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles were among those in attendance.

Immigrant rights supporters rallied against the separation of families and insisted that family separation is not over until the administration can prove that every child has been reunited with their parent(s).

Roseanne Barr apologises in teary interview: ‘I’ve made myself a hate magnet’

Sorry – still think you are toast.


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Roseanne Barr has given an emotional interview, saying she feels remorse for the racist tweet that prompted ABC to cancel the revival of her show Roseanne.

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Early last year, around 150,000 people in Barcelona marched to demand that the Spanish government allow more refugees into the country. Shortly afterwards, “Tourists go home, refugees welcome” started appearing on the city’s walls; soon the city was inundated with protestors marching behind the slogans “Barcelona is not for sale” and “We will not be driven out”.

What the Spanish media dubbed turismofobia overtook several European cities last summer, with protests held and measures taken in Venice, Rome, Amsterdam, Florence, Berlin, Lisbon, Palma de Mallorca and elsewhere in Europe against the invasion of visitors. But in contrast to many, as fiercely as Barcelona has pushed back against tourists, it has campaigned to welcome more refugees. When news broke two weeks ago that a rescue ship carrying 629 migrants was adrift in the Mediterranean, mayor Ada Colau was among the first to offer those aboard safe haven.

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EU tariffs force Harley-Davidson to move some production out of US – business live

Made in China and Poland


Motorcycle manufacturer warns that EU tariffs will force it to move work overseas, as Donald Trump’s trade spat hits US companies


2.13pm BST

Here’s some reaction to Harley-Davidson’s plans to move some US production overseas, from former White House press spokesman Tony Fratto.

On this beautiful Monday morning, #TradeWars remain stupid…

Harley-Davidson motorcycles exported to the EU will cost the company about $2,200 more, as it shifts production overseas to offset EU tariffs via @WSJ

This is how you win a trade war. NOT. Harley-Davidson to Shift Some U.S. Production in Wake of Tariffs – TheStreet

Trump, last year: “Thank you Harley-Davidson for building things in America.”
Tying it to winning WI in 2016: “I want to thank the people of Wisconsin. Great people. Amazing people. And they get it.”

1.59pm BST

CNN has a good first take on the Harley-Davidson news:

The company is shifting some production of motorcycles for European customers out of the United States to avoid EU retaliatory tariffs.

Harley-Davidson will move some production out of the US to avoid EU retaliatory tariffs

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Trump repeats call to deport undocumented migrants without due process

Anyone accused by ICE of illegally entering the country could be immediately deported even if actually American citizens, refugees, on a green card and just picked up at a whim! This has, of course already happened and only intervention by the courts and lawyers have the gross errors and kidnappings been over turned! All Hail Dictator wannabee Trump!


  • Summary deportations would avoid ‘long … legal process’
  • President insists suspension of rights ‘is the only real answer’

Donald Trump on Monday again issued a call to deprive undocumented immigrants of their right to due process, arguing that people trying to cross the border should be summarily deported without a trial or an appearance before a judge.

Trump’s sustained attacks on the American judicial system come amid extraordinary condemnation of his administration’s zero-tolerance enforcement policy at the southern border, which led to more than 2,300 children being separated from their families in recent months. Trump last week was pressured into halting his administration’s practice of separating families, in an abrupt reversal that overruled the views of his hardline advisers.

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