My State of Justice…


My state of justice

Something popped into my head as I was involved in some discussions about the possible solutions to our conflict. As my head is spurring from Plato to Dante, and my brain and emotions swift between the perfect state the consequences in a divine comedy, things seemed possible after all.

This could be a very unacceptable view for all sides. To avoid being judgmental and start with assuming that the other will not accept. I have to put my papers on the table directly, the first opponent to my idea was my daughter, then my sister, then my other daughter, then my other sister. To start with it was impossible to continue with explaining my smart evolutionary idea because after the second sentence my Palestinian fellow would jump and refuse to listen.

I kept tempting them, that if they continued to the end, it would be a great deal… but …no interest.

Something else I realized from my piloting to this idea for a few days with my fellow family members, a significant question we Palestinians need to face ourselves with, what do we want?

Do we want a Palestinian state with the Palestinian leadership, or do we want a Palestinian state with Israeli given civil services?

As the discussion exploded from its beginning with my daughter, I tried to prove myself right in cornering her with the civil services concerning sovereignty, and she was straight in saying that she does not want to be ruled by the Palestinian leadership, insisting that she did not choose this current leadership. They do not represent her.

What my daughter mentions is what the street feels as well. However, how do we make our choices? We want a Palestinian state; we need to be responsible for our decisions. We cannot create a Palestinian leadership from the perfect space. After all, these people are from us, and they are a reflection of our needs and desires… well.. they turn into nightmares… but they are ou choice… like a bad marriage.

There is a lot of what came out before I even went on with my magic solution. One can only imagine what the Israelis will think… I have to admit that I was biased because I started with the discourse in asking the Palestinians to accept what they don’t want to see… the legitimacy of the state of Israel in being.


Let’s start with the common ground of how we want to achieve the just world- state. The united nations. I don’t also like the united nations, but there are some factors we cannot bypass. We Palestinians stand out to the world in every major and minor issue and ask for recognition and justice through the UN. We pray for the application of the UN resolutions starting from 181 and ending with the one that recognized us as a state.

One important thing we need to accept and work accordingly fully is that as this UN a resolution created the state of Israel within the real decision we want to apply.

Yes, creating a state for Jewish people on land that had people was not the best choice.. for the people who were there. And we those people did not make things very easy . but the UN created this resolution, we the Ottoman Empire lost the war because we the people helped in that loss. The Arabs wanted a revolution against them, and they got their nation states.

In between, some details are primary, but of course, we skipped… Belfour and the Zionist conspiracy … well, that Zionist conspiracy did not only compose of jews. From day one apparently, those imperialist and colonizing countries could not pass anything without the acceptance of the Arab leadership. Back then it was sheriff Hussein of Hijaz. Whether we like him or not, we approve him or not. We allowed him to get us the Arab nations we wanted … and of course, that should have been a good deal.. after all the Arabs were part of a losing falling empire.

We all know about Belfour promise to the jews, and we of course decline and refuse his pledge, yes it is true that it was a war and we were on the losing side, Britain was controlling the scene. They won we lost.

Not precisely we lost … because we wanted the ottomans to disappear. And they did…

It does not matter if we all agreed or not. It does not matter if many were against this. What matters is that those who bargained on the future of the people of the region were also from us.

Before one also tells me that who is Hussein of Hijaz? Well.. this was the choice of the famous hallucinating epic of what we know of Lawrence of Arabia.

This man not only represented us, but we followed him with his Arab revolution. So we are responsible.

Of course, who is we is another thing .. but here we have this historical collective responsibility.

Our enemy was not one … it was not Britain giving birth to Israel on our account only … Britain did this with the Arab leadership agreement.

Little we know of the agreement between Hussein and Weizmann in 1919 as Arabs. We don’t even know that this agreement existed. Of course, the man was tricked, and they gave him a translation of something and made him sign something else. But the man got an expensive watch and a car, and he wandered with them in the desert proudly.

We Palestinians were the sacrifice of the creation of the other four Arab nation states that Hussein was promised to have. The deal was closed and signed.

We the people did not know….

Is something else…

We the people did not change much since then.

I can imagine we applauded for Hussein and the Arab revolt, as much as we praised for Oslo.

Here again … the collective is responsibility, and it does not matter if we those who keep saying we did not choose chose or not … in the end, we accepted by not being strong enough to resist or say no…

Anyway, this is all history.

The un gave the jews a state, and they also gave us a statement on the same land.

Yes, we did not agree. And yes, we would not have accepted now … you don’t bring a stranger to my land and tell me he is my fellow new landlord… in the best scenario of course… because the colonial side of this was not the fellow landlord. He was here to be my landlord in my land.


We are in 2018, and all scenarios of possible states and no state solutions failed.

It is not also easy for me as a Palestinian to open my eye wide and admit that those Israelis are here and they are staying …and well.. they do have a narrative.

This narrative is getting stronger and more human.

Some twenty-thirty years ago, I was always superior to the debate, where are you form is the first question that takes my opponent out because he is likely to be from somewhere else before taking my land.

Now, Israelis my age have been born here. Their children are born here, their grandchildren as well.

In ten-twenty years when my grandchild ask an Israeli child where is he from, he and his father and his grandfather and maybe his great-grandfather are from here. If his great grandfather, for instance, is Netanyahu, he is very rooted he will think. ..and he is ….

Since my real belief stands on the grounds of justice, and justice for me will be based on three significant facts: two people, two states, on land.

Both people believe they have the right to be here.

Both people are here.

Both people want their state.

Both people should live on the same land.

I believe that there is space for everyone…

I know there is a problem,

Israelis want a Jewish state where all the jews can live

Palestinians want a Palestinian Arab state where all Palestinians can live.

Well.. we have a tip here, the un resolution 181 says this .. and they kind of split the land into two 48, or 49 percent to 52, or 53 percent will not be an issue when we all believe and decide that this land is for all of us.

We can have two states with separate governments in every city; each state will be given the same opportunities and resources. No borders will be assigned, each citizen of each country will be living in his same geographical place. I live in Jerusalem, I stay in Jerusalem, I receive the same services and benefits, and I pay my taxes, and I vote for my council that is Palestinian. And the Israeli will do the same to the Israeli side.

I live in Nablus, and Israeli lives in Ariel, the same. Two governates, councils, whatever we call them, and each citizen will belong to his government .palestinians for Palestine and Israelis for jews.

If Israel wants its state Jewish .. they are free to do this so that it will be Israel for the jews,

And Palestinians and Israeli Arabs will be with Palestine.

If I live in Haifa, I am a Palestinian living in Palestine. If the Israeli lives in Haifa, he is also an Israeli living in Palestine.

Each state will have its constitution where they will design the country they want.

So in the end, we will have, 20 million Jews, and 20 million Palestinians.

I still believe there is enough space for all. Refugees are free to come back to their original places. If the area is occupied a committee of reconciliation and compensation will be created to all those case. The committee is composed of a group of wise people from both sides.

Everyone is free to come and live here on the land of Palestine and the land of Israel in whatever we want to call.

One condition only,

Citizens of Palestine and citizens of Israel are only allowed to single citizenship.

You can only be Israeli or Palestinian. You can have other nationality, no dual citizenships in the state.

Those who want to live in this land with only one citizenship that belongs to this land Israel or Palestine are welcome….

I can only imagine who will want to stay and who decides to leave…

I think this is a real test for all those who claim their attachment and right to this land. We want national states … let’s go all the way.