Stabbed at a neo-Nazi rally, called a criminal: how police targeted a black activist


Exclusive: records show police surveilled and tried to charge a citizen journalist attacked at a California rally. Does it fit a pattern of punishing black protesters?

Cedric O’Bannon tried to ignore the sharp pain in his side and continue filming. The independent journalist, who was documenting a white supremacist rally in Sacramento, said he wanted to capture the neo-Nazi violence against counter-protesters with his GoPro camera.

But the pain soon became overwhelming. He lifted up his blood-soaked shirt and realized that one of the men carrying a pole with a blade on the end of it had stabbed him in the stomach, puncturing him nearly two inches deep. He limped his way to an ambulance.

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Trump eases firing of federal workers, cracks down on unions

hates all workers and their unions #TraitorTrump WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump on Friday signed three executive orders designed to make it easier to fire federal government workers and to crack down on the unions that represent them, drawing immediate criticism from a group representing federal employees.

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U.S. reaches deal to keep Chinese telecom ZTE in business: congressional aide

Harley-Davidson Plant moving from Kansas to South East Asia and Trump paying off for Chinese loan for his Indonesia hotel! #TraitorTrump! WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Trump administration told lawmakers the U.S. government has reached a deal to put Chinese telecommunications company ZTE Corp back in business, a senior congressional aide said on Friday.

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Trump’s Breakup Letter to Kim was Childish, but Dangerous | La Prensa San Diego

Sadly, the world will have to wait for more serious people to step in and help negotiate what could be the defining achievement of Trump’s presidency. For now, hotheaded John Bolton and carnival barker Trump should let Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and others continue working to put together the framework of a real summit that could have a real chance for real results. Please, no more talk of the Nobel Peace Prize, no more coins, and no more threats. Millions, if not billions, of lives are at stake because a madman has his finger on his nuclear button, and an unpredictable bully has his finger on our nuclear arsenal.

Source: Trump’s Breakup Letter to Kim was Childish, but Dangerous | La Prensa San Diego

Friday Open Thread | The NFL Doesn’t Learn

You will NOT be policing Black bodies.

You will NOT be taking away the First Amendment rights of these American Citizens.

Here is the bullshyt policy that the NFL has come up with:

Here is the NFL’s new national anthem policy:

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) May 23, 2018

Here is the Player’s Union Response:

A good response:

.@MichelleDBeadle reacts to the NFL’s discussion on possibly including a 15-yard penalty for kneeling during the national anthem.

— Get Up (@GetUpESPN) May 23, 2018

This is about trying to control Black men’s bodies and minds.

That they don’t have the right to their own opinions, and to express them freely.

Them taking the knee had nothing to do with insulting the military or the flag. It had to do with this:

If the NFL thing was about the flag & anthem, you’d be outraged when Trump doesn’t hold a hand over his heart & botches the words. If it was about troops, you’d be as pissed about Niger as about Benghazi. It’s not principle. It’s about control of brown bodies. Stop the bullshit.

— Jeffrey Wright (@jfreewright) May 23, 2018

Here is what eagles RT Lane Johnson texted me about the leagues new anthem policy “Ultimately it is taking the players voice away…I think there will be some backlash from their decision.”

— Derrick Gunn (@RealDGunnNBCS) May 23, 2018

— Chris Long (@JOEL9ONE) May 23, 2018

‘This could be bad:’ City of Milwaukee officials fear releasing footage showing #NBA rookie being brutally tased by cops.

— Blavity (@Blavity) May 23, 2018

Yes….this is going to be bad.

And, why they kneel.