Forging history: Silwan

Stealing and inventing history that excludes and erases the people who live in the city.


For God’s sake , I ask myself , who wants to have Silwan I told my Israeli friend? I agree to give it to you.

He stopped me with anger and said : no you don’t want to give it to us. Because it is not Silwan we are aiming for , its up there , the Temple Mount and of course everything else !!

For an instance , this whole judaisimg attempts to make Silwan the first stone of Jerusalem and of course its prehistoric Jewish existence, you think that these people are really into finding history . Well, this history is inside a neighborhood of what might be 40 or 50 thousand after historic creatures- Palestinians-Arabs- and an Aimed to space inside the old city where the Jewish quarter is expanding , and over there inside that city another 30 to 40 thousand Arabs are there and no…

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