Kollouna Watani’s Joumana Haddad & Paula Yacoubian Are Now Parliament Members

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On a more than depressing electoral day, a glimmer of hope that started two years ago with Beirut Madinati in Beirut –  1 translated into both Joumana Haddad and Paula Yacoubian becoming parliament members tonight, the first two ever civil society candidates to enter Lebanese parliament.

Joumana Haddad’s win for the minorities seat also makes her the first openly atheist member of Lebanese parliament, and possibly the entire Middle East, where atheism is still considered a crime in many countries.

The win of Kollouna Watani in Beirut – 1 comes at the heel of very poor turn out almost uniformly throughout the country. In fact, depressingly enough, the win of Kollouna Watani is because turnout in Beirut – 1 was the poorest in the entire country, a shame when you take in consideration that the last time we voted was 2009.

Both Joumana and Paula deserve their win. They worked…

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Wiping memories of the desert

No one is safe from greed of current and past governments.

Nadia's Jerusalem

Each time I go to Beer al Sabe – Naqab desert . I feel sabotaged . Something inside me enjoys all the modesty , the attachment to the land , identity , tribe .. a courageous struggle for survival . Enormous strength and resilience… but yet … here is a place that Israel is systematically wiping its memory… that memory of being a Bedouin who loves his life for the freedom it aspires him within its spacious desert … but there is a system that works on wiping memory exactly like what ethnic cleansing is.. they don’t need to kill only, anymore … they need to have sub humans with a wiped memory of history and only a mere life for survival … something that cannot even be upgraded to that of an animal in its value.

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