Trump’s pick for US ambassador to Australia to be sent to South Korea

Be careful when picking friends – rotflmao.


Experts say surprise shifting of Admiral Harry Harris sends ‘terrible’ message that ‘Australia is being treated here as a second-class ally’
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The Trump administration has decided to redirect its pick for ambassador to Australia, Admiral Harry Harris, to instead represent the United States in South Korea.

Experts say the surprise move sends a “terrible” message to Australia, which has been waiting more than a year for a new US ambassador.

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Trump sending treasury secretary to China as trade tensions mount

Is there one ugly American uglier that 45/ Yes, Steven Mnuchin – yawk!


President reiterates plan to impose tariffs of up to $100bn more on Chinese goods

Donald Trump has said he is sending treasury secretary Steven Mnuchin to China for talks as the two countries deal with tensions over trade and intellectual property.

Trump said during a White House news conference with President Emmanuel Macron of France that the US and China were “very serious” about trade issues and reiterated his plans to impose tariffs of up to $100bn more on Chinese goods.

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