Senses imbalance


In an enigmatic lecture, Dr. Nadira Shalhoub presented her work under the title of ” the occupation of Senses.” The description was timely and sensual I would say. Thinking of how far occupation has reached in violating us, our senses are not of any exception … on the contrary, it is all systemized in a manner that occupying “senses” become just a sense.

Amid the flaw of sensations I was having, I thought of the lecturer, a graduate of the Hebrew University and a lecturer there. How reliable is she or how confused her senses were, I could not but think.

A week later comes the march of return… I go there with the hopeful sense of getting my blood pumped with national feelings of Return. Driving all the way to the destroyed village of Atrit in Haifa, swallowed in a valley surrounded by Israeli police and, as if, intended scenery, with Israelis celebrating…

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