Since 1991, Russia has Abandoned 39 Million Hectares of Agricultural Land, New Satellite-Based Study Shows

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            Staunton, April 15 – Russian officials acknowledge that since the end of the Soviet Union, Russia has abandoned a great deal of farm land; but a new European Space Agency study shows that it has given up 39 million hectares, an area greater than the size of Germany, and that much of this land is now reverting to forests.
            That limits the possibility that Russia can develop its agriculture rapidly enough to become the export earner many in Moscow hope for or even save villages in areas where large parcels of land have been abandoned (
            One of the reasons the Russian government has undercounted this loss of agricultural land is that it only counts land as being lost if its owners have made a declaration to that effect. In many cases, the owners simply stop using the land as it had been exploited. The new study, which includes a map, fills in the gap.
            The Russian Federation is not the only post-Soviet state to have abandoned farmland since 1991. According to the study, the other countries in this region have lost 20 million hectares, and consequently, they too are less well-positioned agriculturally than there were a quarter of a century ago and more reliant on imports. 

Sepia Photo #photography #familyhistory

penned in moon dust

no one left to tell me
who or where you are

time dated by your dressing

the link is just too far

empty eyes are seeking

too distant is the past

surely no one speaking

sepia  crinkled fast

Have you ever held a photo that you knew had held importance but you had no idea what it was? The people who were in the photo were long gone and you kept  it to try to hold the memory for someone long gone.

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This Week in Egypt: Week 15 -2018 ( April 9-15)


Top Headlines

  • Egypt to extend state of emergency for three months
  • Egypt denies it hindered Ethiopian dam talks
  • Egypt armed forces foil ‘terrorist’ plot in central Sinai
  • Egypt and UAE launch joint military exercise in Red Sea
  • Egypt military court sentences 36 people to death over deadly 2017 church bombings
  • Egypt receives 1st Russian flight after 2 year hiatus
  • Egypt and Cyprus discuss Turkish challenges to gas exploration


Arab Summit 2018

Arab Summit 2018 in Saudi Arabia

Main Headlines



  • Egypt military court sentences 36 people to death over deadly 2017 church bombings
  • Egypt’s Sisi discusses regional developments…

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