let’s turn Gaza’s Return March a Collective March of Freedom…let’s inspire the world

let’s make a difference and fill the skies with kites not rockets and missiles


 Somehow the idea is just getting riper in my head. Can we all join forces in making a real difference?
As next week is marking the 70th year of Occupation and Gaza will be in its 4th week of the Symbolic Return Marches, I would like to call all human rights believers and all those among us who believe in freedom as a destination to all humans… let’s support the cause towards freedom with kite-running-flying friday, where we will fill the sky with kites… a resemblance of hope and peace and a call of freedom for a future… let us fill our skies with kites….. and prove to the governments that kites bring freedom not war-planes, rockets and missiles.
( of course I have no idea how to transform this into a campaign.. please spread your wings and let us run the skies with our kites… and share widely …Maybe…

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