Panic In D.C.

I lived in DC at that time and attended American University. This was a summer of discord, hope, and hopes smashed when Martin was killed and then Bobby – while thousands marched to end the war and in the poor people’s march on Washington. We could be in for the same now because #TraitorTrump is not as smart as even Nixon was and there are so few with principles left in the GOP in DC now.

This story about the 1968 riots in Washington D.C. is remarkable, and a use of multimedia that’s fully justified.

From the air, through the haze of smoke, the city looked like a battlefield. On April 5, a convoy of soldiers from Fort Myer in Virginia began rolling over Memorial Bridge into the city. More came in from Fort Meade in Maryland. Eventually, 13,000 troops would arrive — the most to occupy an American city since the Civil War.