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Me the hate-to wake-up-early in the morning, finds herself piping up at 530 with all the curiosity inside me to see al Karnak temple. As if race by in time and space to catch up with this unbelievably rich history . Nice, beautiful, wow,gracious …all the words cannot serve the greatness of this making … this is deity . It cannot be human made .. you watch this and you understand why those were called gods . The word breathtaking is what can only describe the divine beauty of this civilization… how did they come here and how did they vanish … unbelievable …. unbelievable sarcasm of universe…

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This Week in Egypt: Week 13-2018 ( March 26-April 1)


Top Headlines 

  • Egypt’s Sisi secures over 90% of vote in 2018 presidential elections with turnout over 40%: State TV projection
  • Presidential runner-up Moussa Mostafa Moussa said he felt proud of the result of the presidential election, after obtaining an estimated 3 % of the vote
  • High participation rates of ‘women and elderly men’ in presidential elections
  • Stability topped Egyptian voters’ concerns in 2018 presidential election
  • Egypt says 6 militants and 2 soldiers killed in Sinai

Egypt Election 2018 photo

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 Main Headlines


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