Nuclear deal: Netanyahu accuses Iran of cheating on agreement

An election move about a 2003 issue that is nada now!


Israeli prime minister claims ‘new and conclusive proof’ shows Iran hid nuclear weapons, though evidence had been seen by UN watchdog

Benjamin Netanyahu has accused Iran of continuing to hide and expand its nuclear weapons knowhow after a 2015 agreement with global powers, presenting what the Israeli prime minister claimed was “new and conclusive proof” of violations.

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Egyptian museum … heritage way beyond us

The “glory” of Egypt has been repeated numerous times in China, Cambodia, among the Olmecs, the Maya, the Aztecs, the Incas, Greece, Rome. All declined and fell, in large part, because the leadership class came to believe they were more powerful than nature and that no one could know ore or do better than they. Today, industrial agriculture and carbon based power will create the conditions to end modern culture and even the earth as we know wit.

نادية حرحش

I stand speechless in front of this civilization ….. it really cannot make sense to me. How did this civilization bring us .. people of today here ? What kind of mass destruction in the human gene that made this switch in human kind into this? A serious malfunction must have occurred ! This civilization in its progress is way beyond our comprehension . How did they do it ?

Egypt… is by all means the mother of all the universe ..: sadly …. such heritage and jewels of history needs a lot lily more to be deserved …

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Would it surprise to to learn that Facebooks “Download your Data” doesn’t?

Wired’s Nitasha Tiku reports that Facebook’s “Download your Data” tool excludes much of the data Facebook keeps on you.

Among the information not included:

• information Facebook collects about your browsing history

• information Facebook collects about the apps you visit and your activity within those apps

• the advertisers who uploaded your contact information to Facebook more than two months earlier

• ads that you interacted with more than two months prior

Download Your Data is particularly spotty when it comes to the information Facebook taps to display ads.

In other words, it’s the stuff that Facebook considers ‘yours’ rather than Facebook’s: media you created or uploaded to Facebook and a few select things beyond this that it’s OK with you knowing about.