Ex-FBI deputy McCabe’s online legal defense fund nears $300,000 in hours

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, who was fired by the Trump administration but has said he was terminated because he is a crucial witness in the Russia investigation, has raised more than $292,000 in seven hours to help cover costs defending against other ongoing government probes, the funding website showed.

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Under Armour says data breach affected 150M MyFitnessPal accounts

Just f$$$ing great! img1986*100xx750-750-0-125.pngUnder Armour Inc. said Thursday about 150 million MyFitnessPal users were affected by a data security breach in February.

The MyFitnessPal team became aware on March 25 that an unauthorized party acquired data associated with accounts in February. MyFitnessPal is Baltimore-based Under Armour’s food and nutrition app.

Under Armour began notifying MyFitnessPal users four days after learning of the issue through emails and in-app messaging. 

Under Armour said it is working with “leading data security…

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Donald Trump takes aim at Amazon again

What a dummy! Shopping malls killed downtown businesses. Trump Tower drove small businesses out of work. Television killed the radio. He just cannot stand that Amazon is so much better at business than Donald ever hoped to be. And he needs people to hate someone other than the Donald. Donald Trump has renewed his criticism of Amazon, claiming it pays “little or no taxes to state and local governments.” The online giant is “putting many thousands of retailers out of business,” the president tweeted.

Private companies want to replace public transport. Should we let them?

Gotta be kidding – everyone in past history in US just milked public transit…….. at expense of the poor.


Companies like Uber and Citymapper are scrapping for a piece of the mass transit market – with or without the support of public bodies

The sleek black van seemed a lot like a taxi. After summoning it to my location in central London using my smartphone, I walked a short distance to the pick-up point and clambered in. But then, just as I moved to close the door, a stranger climbed in after me.

She introduced herself as Anna. It was Anna’s third time using Smart Ride, the new service from Citymapper, the route planning app that has branched out to offer its own transport services. Smart Ride uses a fleet of minivans that move around the city on a fixed network, matching up passengers based on pick-up points and destinations. Citymapper calls it “a solution for dynamic shared transportation in cities”. Essentially, it’s a cross between a taxi and a bus.

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