Marco Rubio refuses to say he won’t take NRA money in heated town hall – live

Father of Florida victim calls responses by Marco Rubio and Trump to mass shooting ‘pathetically weak’ at combative CNN event

3.08am GMT

Rubio says that on Monday politicians could unanimously take action on background checks. He believes there is a majority to restrict bump stocks in the Senate.

He says he worries that the national attention span is short; we can’t allow that to happen here, he adds.

3.06am GMT

Chris Grady, a senior who recently enlisted in the army, is speaking now to Senator Rubio: “We might not see eye to eye on a lot of these issues, but we need you and your colleagues on both sides to come together with us and find compromise…”

He asks about large-capacity magazine: “Would you agree that there is no place in our society for large-capacity magazines?”

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