Trump suggests arming teachers to deter shootings

Even dumber than we thought. Ever hear of friendly fire deaths. It takes lots of training and real experience to be able to use a handgun to shoot at someone who is shooting at you. You really want your teachers to be armed in school? F#cking idiot! US President Donald Trump suggested arming teachers to deter future mass shootings as he held an emotional meeting on Wednesday at the White House with survivors of the gun rampage that left 17 people dead at a Florida high school.

Missouri Executed 17 Prisoners With Drugs Secretly Obtained From ‘High-Risk’ Pharmacy Cited for Hazardous Practices

Tax dodging secret cash payments!

BuzzFeed News investigation has disclosed that Missouri carried out seventeen executions between 2014 and 2017 using supplies of the drug pentobarbital it secretly obtained from a pharmacy the Food and Drug Administration had classified as “high risk” because of repeated serious health violations. The February 20 exposé describes a complex system of clandestine meetings, code names, and undocumented cash payments that Missouri employed to conceal the identity of Foundation Care, a suburban St. Louis compounding pharmacy that reporter Chris McDaniel discovered “has been repeatedly found to engage in hazardous pharmaceutical procedures.” Foundation Care—which was reportedly paid more than $135,000 for execution drugs—is alleged to have engaged in illegal practices, medicare fraud, and numerous manufacturing improprieties and, McDaniel reports, its cofounder has been accused of “regularly ordering prescription medications for himself without a doctor’s prescription.” Two former senior employees of the company—including the head of pharmacy operations—have alleged in a lawsuit that Foundation Care violated government regulations by reselling drugs returned by patients, intentionally omitting the names of ingredients in drugs it prepared, and failing to notify other states about a $300,000 settlement with Kansas over allegations of Medicaid fraud. Another suit by a former employee alleges that she was fired after complaining to her supervisors and the Missouri Board of Pharmacy about “serious operational violations.” Missouri switched to Foundation Care after reporters discovered the identifty of the state’s prior secret supplier of execution drugs—an Oklahoma compounding pharmacy called The Apothecary Shoppe. Reporters learned that The Apothecary Shoppe was not licensed to sell drugs in Missouri and had admitted to nearly 2,000 health and safety violations. Foundation Care first came to the attention of FDA investigators after a doctor complained to the agency that a patient he was treating had developed “a ‘life threatening’ illness” after taking a drug that had been prepared by the pharmacy. At that time, the investigators found that the pharmacy had shipped drugs to patients without conducting tests for sterility and bacteria, and a lab sample revealed drugs that had been contaminated with bacteria. In 2013, the FDA designated Foundation Care as a “high-risk” compounding pharmacy, and cited it as an example as to why greater federal oversight of compounders was necessary. A second inspection of the company that year found “multiple examples” of practices that could lead to contamination, and that Foundation Care had failed to “assure that drug products conform to appropriate standards of identity, strength, quality and purity.” In a February 2014 letter to the Missouri Board of Pharmacy, the FDA warned that the pharmacy’s practices “could lead to contamination of drugs, potentially putting patients at risk.” The possibility of drug contamination is one of the centerpieces of prisoner challenges to Missouri’s execution process, and experts in the case have indicated that contamination could create a “substantial risk of pain and suffering.” However, in a deposition in the Missouri prisoners’ legal challenge, state officials refused to say whether they were aware of any problems with their drug manufacturer, and lawyers for the state have affirmatively used Missouri’s secrecy provisions to deny prisoners’ access to information about its drug supplier and the company’s safety record, while at the same time arguing the prisoners have not proven that the execution may be unconstitutionally cruel. Foundation Care was acquired by AcariaHealth, a subsidiary of health-care giant Centene Corporation, in October 2017. After McDaniel’s report was published, the company issued a statement that, “[u]nder Centene’s ownership, Foundation Care has never supplied, and will never supply any pharmaceutical product to any state for the purpose of effectuating executions.”

Compounding pharmacies are drug producers that mix small batches of medications to meet the specialized needs of patients for whom mass produced medicines are not available. Regulated primarily by states, their drugs are reported to have a significantly higher failure rate than drugs produced by FDA-regulated manufacturers. An estimated twenty percent of drugs created by Missouri compounding pharmacies failed to meet Missouri Board of Pharmacy standards.

(Chris McDaniel, Missouri Fought For Years To Hide Where It Got Its Execution Drugs. Now We Know What They Were Hiding.,” BuzzFeed News, February 20, 2018; Samantha Liss, Centene says subsidiary will no longer provide drugs for Missouri executions, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, February 20, 2018; Will Schmitt, The identity of Missouri’s execution drug dealer, long a state secret, reportedly unmasked, Springfield News-Leader, February 20, 2018). See Lethal Injection and Missouri.

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Israeli bill to revoke residency status of Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Ethnic cleansing – Israeli style

PNN/ Jerusalem/  

The Israeli Ministerial Committee for Legislation has approved a proposed bill that makes it possible to revoke the residency status of persons in occupied East Jerusalem and Golan Heights if they are convicted of engaging in anti-Israel activities, Haaretz reported.

The revocation of residency will make it possible for Israeli authorities to expel residents who are involved in the resistance against the occupation or who breach their loyalty to the State of Israel.

Israel classifies Palestinians living in East Jerusalem and Druze in the Golan Heights as “residents” and not citizens.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior, Israel has revoked the residency status of more than 14,500 Palestinians from East Jerusalem since 1967 under the pretext that they were living outside the borders drawn by the Israeli authorities for Jerusalem after its occupation in the same year.

The new bill comes after the Israeli Supreme Court ruled in September against a decision by the interior ministry to strip four Palestinians of their Jerusalem residency over their alleged affiliation to Hamas.

The Palestinians were members of the Palestinian Legislative Council: Muhammad Abu Teir, Ahmad Attoun, Muhammad Totah, and former Palestinian Minister for Jerusalem Affairs Khaled Abu Arafeh. They were deported to Ramallah.

The court also gave the Israeli government six months to change the laws in a way that would allow it to revoke Palestinians’ East Jerusalem residency.

The ministerial committee’s approval of the bill lays the groundwork for discussing it in the Knesset and eventually passing it into law.

Source: Quds Press International News Agency
Translated by: Middle East Monitor
In collaboration with the Palestinian Media Forum

Berlusconi’s comeback shows that Italy still struggles with its fascist past | Sabrina Gasparrini


The former prime minister is capitalising on a cynicism that has its roots in decades of disconnect between citizens and institutions

Many foreign observers are baffled by the return of Silvio Berlusconi to the forefront of Italy’s politics. At the age of 81, and ineligible as a candidate as a result of a court ruling in 2013, he is busy campaigning for his Forza Italia party in the run-up to the 4 March elections.

Personally, I’m not that surprised.

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‘I’ve been here for 50 years’: the scandal of the former Commonwealth citizens threatened with deportation

Neo-fascists are so racist in the UK and elsewhere


They have lived nearly all their lives in the UK, working and paying taxes. But in the draconian new immigration climate, an increasing number of elderly people are being told that they are here illegally

For the past year, Renford McIntyre has been homeless, mostly sleeping on a sofa in an unheated industrial unit in Dudley. Although he has lived in the UK for almost 50 years, and spent 35 years working and paying taxes as a tool setter, a delivery man in the meat industry and an NHS driver, he has been told that he is not British – and consequently is neither permitted to work nor eligible for any government support.

McIntyre, 64, has no shower and nowhere to cook, and has to visit friends if he wants to eat hot food or wash. “It’s an appalling place to live. I’m a proud man; I’m embarrassed at my age to be living like this,” he says.

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Yo aborté, hoy soy madre y estoy agradecida por mis decisiones

Por Marina Glezer – Actriz.- Cuando quedé embarazada por primera vez tenía dieciocho años. Hice el amor con mi actual compañero, padre de mis dos hijos, sin preservativo porque estaba indispuesta. Sin acceso a una educación sexual, pese a mi privilegio de educación privada, pensaba erróneamente que no ovulaba mientras transitaba el período. Mito que…

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