I have zero patience for the food box idea from this administration. First off, it’s likely…

Back to bow and scrape to get your spoiled food – hell no! This is what GOP wants to do to struggling families that include many enlisted soldier’s families!

I have zero patience for the food box idea from this administration. First off, it’s likely DOA. What’s not is the massive spending cuts they’re planning for SNAP/EBT.

This administration couldn’t even get food to Puerto Rico effectively and we’re supposed to believe that they’re actually going to be able to get boxes of food to every American on SNAP? Yeah… No.

Also, the items suggested are high glycemic index foods for the most part, meaning adults and children with diabetes are going to struggle with these boxes without accommodation. How about people without transportation to get the boxes, if they aren’t delivered to the home? This administration cut meals on wheels funding claiming the program wasn’t efficient. They want to cut USPS claiming the same thing. Who’s delivering these boxes?

Finally, how about gluten intolerant folks, or those with peanut allergies? A mom friend of mine has an autistic son, and sometimes all she can get him to eat is cherry tomatoes and one specific type of frozen chicken nugget. Like, he won’t eat for two days otherwise. How about special cases like hers?

This is rooted in the idea that the poor don’t deserve nice things and should be punished for poverty. It pisses me off because I’m receiving SNAP right now because I had to quit working way earlier than anticipated while pregnant, and I can’t return to work right now with my son on oxygen, and my twins being only three weeks old.

My brother is in town and I may use my EBT card to buy some steaks to grill. Some good fucking steak. Why? Because I haven’t seen him in two years and we’re celebrating the babies coming home. Fuck anyone who side-eyes me over it.

Also, if people wanna get worked up over poor people eating cake or whatever because GUBMINT SPENDIN’, they can take that opinion, write it on a Post-It, and shove it up their ass sideways when we just gave billionaire motherfuckers tax breaks for private jets and gave the capitalist class a 1.5 trillion dollars wet kiss on the backs of the working poor. Because the majority of SNAP recipients do work, they just don’t make enough to feed themselves. And that’s hella fucked.