FC Cincinnati signs purchase option for large number of West End properties

structural racism at its worst fc-cincinnati*100xx564-563-0-160.pngFC Cincinnati is seeking the right to acquire a major swath of land and properties from the Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority for a potential stadium site in the West End.

The club made its request on Jan. 16 and has signed a proposal for the vacant former Laurel Homes site in the southwest corner of Ezzard Charles Drive and John Street, formerly a staging area for construction of the Cincinnati Bell Connector streetcar. But the option does not stop there. It includes other properties north…

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Chile president-elect reveals hardline cabinet with ties to Pinochet

What a bad turn for Chile


  • Conservatives to join Sebastian Piñera, who campaigned as centrist
  • New interior minister was vocal supporter of Pinochet’s dictatorship

Chile’s president-elect, the billionaire businessman Sebastian Piñera, has unveiled a new hardline cabinet, including prominent conservative figures and some politicians once closely aligned with the Pinochet dictatorship.

The new interior minister, Andres Chadwick, was a vocal supporter of August Pinochet during his 1973-1990 regime, which named him president of the Catholic University Students Federation.

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Calls to ban Israeli poet after poem compares Ahed Tamimi to Anne Frank

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli Minister of army, Avigdor Liebermann has instructed the state-run radio service Army Radio to halt any future broadcasts of Israeli poet and songwriter Yehonatan Geffen, calling the poet’s work ‘sickening and outrageous’.

On Monday night, Geffen released a short poem to his Instagram account in which he compared imprisoned Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi to famed Holocaust victim Anne Frank, David of the Biblical David and Goliath, and historic war hero and Catholic Saint, Joan of Arc.

“A pretty girl 17 years old did a terrible thing,” Geffen’s poem reads. “…on the day that the story of the struggle will be told – you, Ahed Tamimi… You will be in the same ranks as Joan of Arc, Chana Senesh and Anne Frank.”

In a fiery Facebook post, Liebermann condemned the poem and called on the Israeli media to boycott the 70 year old poet.

“The State of Israel will not give a stage to a drunk comparing a girl who perished in the Holocaust and a heroine fighter who fought against the Nazi regime to Ahad Tamimi” said Liebermann.

Liebermann was quickly rebuffed by Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, however, who refuted Liebermann’s legal authority to interfere with the Army Radio broadcast.

“The legal authority to determine the content of the station’s broadcasts is only in the hands of its professional officials,” said Mandelbit.

The position of Army Radio Commander is appointed by the Ministry of army, and whose current commander, Commander Shimon Elkabetz, Lieberman called on directly to see Geffen banned, according to his Facebook post.

This is not the first time Geffen has been embroiled in controversy. In 2015, Geffen was the victim of a home invasion after a series of posts likened the re-election of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Nakba.

Germaine Greer criticises ‘whingeing’ #MeToo movement

Being well-known and well paid enables one to be dismissive who are neither well known or well to do?


Author says women should react immediately to abuse, and historical claims will result in ‘OJ Simpson trial all over again’

Harvey Weinstein and Woody Allen have found an unlikely defender in the influential feminist Germaine Greer, who has criticised the “whingeing” #MeToo movement.

In an interview with Australian media before she was named Australian of the year in London, Greer said she had “always wanted to see women react immediately” when they were faced with sexual abuse or harassment.

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Trans-Pacific Partnership revived after 11 nations agree to trade deal – without US


Canada coaxed back after lobbying by Japan and Australia, while door left open for Washington

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, which had been on life support since Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the US a year ago, has finally been resuscitated.

The 11 remaining countries are expected to sign an amended agreement on 8 March in Chile, Australia’s trade minister, Steve Ciobo, has confirmed.

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Linus Torvalds is Furious at Intel as Linux Kernel 4.15 Release Gets Delayed

via aleksey godin

Brief: Linux Kernel 4.15 release has been delayed because Intel has not yet provided a proper fix for the nasty CPU bugs. And that has made Linus Torvalds go into swearing mode, again.

Torvalds is angry with Intel

Linux creator Linus Torvalds is furious. He is frustrated. He is using lots of cuss words as well.

The year 2018 started on a bad note as the computing world has been rocked by Meltdown and Spectre bugs. These kernel memory bugs open the possibilities of malicious scripts stealing secret data such as passwords. It’s not only Linux that has been impacted. Windows, macOS, BSD etc have been equally impacted.

Google found these vulnerabilities in Intel, AMD and ARM processor mid-last year. Intel was notified along with AMD, several Linux distributions, Microsoft, Apple and many other big players.

While the operating system vendors are providing the software updates for the vulnerability, it is Intel who is responsible for fixing the issue at the firmware level. And apparently, Intel is not doing its job properly.

Kernel 4.15 gets delayed because people were busy with Meltdown and Spectre

Linux Kernel 4.15 was supposed to be released today i.e. 22 January 2018. But that didn’t happen because Torvalds is not feeling comfortable with its development.

As most people were busy dealing with Meltdown and Spectre, the development of 4.15 got impacted. There are still pending fixes in the upcoming release.

Torvalds mentions in Linux Kernel mailing list:

I really really wanted to just release 4.15 today, but things haven’t calmed down enough for me to feel comfy about it, and Davem tells me he still has some networking fixes pending. Laura Abbott found and fixed a very subtle boot bug introduced this development cycle only yesterday, and it just didn’t feel right to say that we’re done.

Kernel 4.15 becomes the slowest release since 2011

Because of the pending fixes, Torvalds announced Release Candidate (RC) version 9 instead of the final Kernel 4.15.

So I’m doing an rc9 instead. I don’t particularly like to, but I like it even less releasing something that doesn’t seem baked enough.

The last Kernel release to have RC 9 was version 3.1 back in 2011.


Linus Torvalds hasn’t been happy about how Intel tried to downplay the Spectre vulnerability. He is clearly not happy how Intel is dealing with the fixes.

While Kernel 4.15 release got delayed, Torvalds had some nasty words for Intel development team over the Spectre bug fixes. You can read his unhappiness in the Kernel mailing list.

Some of the highlights are:

So somebody isn’t telling the truth here. Somebody is pushing complete garbage for unclear reasons. Sorry for having to point that out.

And then he goes on to call the fixes from Intel “COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE”. Yes, that was in caps.

F word was also mentioned in the mailing list. However, it seems that Torvalds has new year resolution of swearing less and hence he used asterisks instead of using the expletives uncensored.


And that’s actually ignoring the much _worse_ issue, namely that the

whole hardware interface is literally mis-designed by morons.

Lots of caps lock, lots of swearing. That’s classic Torvalds. Considering that Intel hasn’t been able to fix the issue even after six months, it is only natural that Torvalds get frustrated as he likes to keep the Kernel secure and vulnerability-free.

What do you think of the entire episode?