Mark Zuckerberg sets toughest new year’s goal yet: fixing Facebook

Just saying – what broke it? Loving the ad dollars and growing likes and members which drives ad dollars – Greed can’t be fixed.


CEO reveals this year’s ‘personal challenge’ as site faces relentless criticism over spreading of misinformation and damage to users’ mental health

Amid unceasing criticism of Facebook’s immense power and pernicious impact on society, its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced Thursday that his “personal challenge” for 2018 will be “to focus on fixing these important issues”.

Zuckerberg’s new year’s resolution – a tradition for the executive who in previous years has pledged to learn Mandarin, run 365 miles, and read a book each week – is a remarkable acknowledgment of the terrible year Facebook has had.

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Melvin Carter : Mayor of St. Paul Swearing In Ceremony

Melvin Carter was sworn in yesterday as mayor of St. Paul, Minnesota. He becomes the first African-American mayor in the city’s 164-year history.

— Philip Lewis (@Phil_Lewis_) January 3, 2018

FYI: Meet Sharon Sayles Belton. First African-American Woman Mayor of Minneapolis


Tax cuts as a route to cutting Social Security

Pseudo-religions – GOP right wing – are alike in deluding themselves that they are caring folks and not vultures feeding on those with less buying power than them.

Systemic Disorder

Conservatives are fond of saying that if you give a man a fish you can feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish you can feed him for a lifetime. This is supposed to tell us that social benefits, such as government programs, are bad for people. A much better example of conservative thought would be to say if I put a fence at the entrance to the pier and don’t let anyone else have access to the water, I can have all the fish for myself.

Let those peasants starve! Such a privatization of fish isn’t distant from the actual mechanics of class warfare as it is practiced, unfortunately.

Take the latest salvo in the ongoing class warfare, United States edition, the coming assault on Social Security. Curious as to why the Republican Party’s mania for balanced budgets suddenly vanished? I mean, besides the…

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Tony Blair tells UK voters: time is running out to stop Brexit folly

Mr. Blair’s clock ran out some year’s ago… he does not help anyone but Tony. LONDON (Reuters) – Former British prime minister Tony Blair told voters on Thursday that time was running out to reverse Brexit, a folly that he said would torpedo Britain’s remaining clout and be regretted for generations to come.

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Fewer family visas approved as Trump toughens vetting of immigrants: Reuters review

Fool on the hill is the chief threat to national security… NEW YORK (Reuters) – President Donald Trump is ramping up calls on the U.S. Congress to stop legal immigrants from sponsoring extended family members who want to move to the United States, saying so-called “chain migration” poses a threat to national security.

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