Afghan torture survivor gains 11th hour reprieve from deportation


Lawyers for the man due to be sent home on Christmas Day say the original decision was ‘deeply disturbing’

A 39-year-old Afghan survivor of torture has received an 11th hour reprieve from the Home Office, who were planning to forcibly remove him from the UK on Christmas Day.

Lawyers for the man, an asylum seeker accepted by the Home Office to be a torture survivor, mounted a last-minute legal challenge to try to prevent him from being deported.

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‘We’re under attack’: young conservatives gather to reject political correctness

Self-delusion is quite intoxicating – group self-delusion – even more so.


This week 3,000 college students met near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort for a summit on free speech, the ‘culture wars’, and the dangers posed by the left

It’s an American tradition that any large gathering of students usually ends up in a party. Such a convocation in Florida this week, barely a stone’s throw from Donald Trump’s opulent winter retreat at Mar-a-Lago, was billed as a political action summit for young conservatives. In the event, amid a multitude of Make America Great Again caps and Trump for America flags, it was essentially a raucous celebration of the president himself.

About 3,000 students from campuses nationwide gathered on Trump’s doorstep at the Palm Beach County convention center for the four-day winter summit, hosted by Turning Point USA. The mission statement of that young persons’ activist group promotes “non-partisan debate, dialogue and discussion”. But its leanings were signalled pretty clearly in the quasi-official motto that was printed on placards placed on every seat: “Big government sucks.”

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EU dismisses May’s claim blue passports are sovereignty statement

The sun set on Britain when Brexit passed.


European parliament’s chief Brexit coordinator Guy Verhofstadt says UK could have had navy travel documents all along

Britain could have chosen to have blue passports while remaining a member of the EU, the European parliament’s chief Brexit coordinator has said, dismissing Theresa May’s claim that the move is a victory for British sovereignty.

The government has said blue passports will mean enhanced freedom for Britons, but EU officials have said they could spell travel delays and extra paperwork because of diminished travel rights post-Brexit.

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Huzama Habayeb: a novelist with a velvet touch

The UAE-based writer Huzama Habayeb has won the Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature, for a work that highlights the plight of refugees

Source: Huzama Habayeb: a novelist with a velvet touch

About her writing: ““I think it blossomed somewhat unconsciously,” Habayeb says. Writing was a way to get at her feelings of “deprivation, uneasiness, entrenched pain, the shakiness of the land beneath my feet, the vulnerability of the self, my self indeed. And the persistent sense of defeat – especially since I grew up fully aware that I belonged to a homeland that was bequeathed to me in the form of an open wound, bleeding everlastingly.””