22 Arab Authors on Their Favorite Reads of 2017


Each year, ArabLit knocks on the doors of a range of Arab novelists, poets, and memoirists, asking for their favorite reads os 2017. This year’s list was co-edited and -translated by Mahmoud Hosny and M Lynx Qualey, along with the some of the authors who submitted:

Salim Barakat (Syrian-Kurdish poet and novelist)

I didn’t get many books this year. So I reread:  Interpretation of the Qu’ran by Ibn Arabi (تفسير القرآن لابن عربي) for the third time in nine years. And also I reread Ibn Kathir’s exegesis of the Quran, تفسير القرآن لابن كثير, for the second time in eleven years.

I reread the complete works of Nietzsche, The Art of Always Being Right by Arthur Schopenhauer, and Repetition by Søren Kierkegaard.

Haytham El-Wardany (Egyptian writer)

Actually, I feel confused by “book lists,” and I feel we need another, better way to value literature. But if there are three…

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