Download comprehensive police shootings data

We are all alike so what explains more shootings in some cities over others? Local politics, history, management, un-management?

Data for police shootings is usually the subset that only includes fatalities. Vice News made requests nationwide to get data on people who were shot but not killed by police. To accompany their story, Vice News made the data and code available for download:

Ultimately, we obtained some data from 47 departments — with 4,099 incidents in all. Departments in New York’s Suffolk and Nassau Counties didn’t provide us with any data. Maryland’s Montgomery County Police Department gave us only partial incident-level information and no total number of police shootings, so we excluded them from the analysis.

We put all this information together to analyze trends across the departments and to compare them with one another — the first time this has ever been done for both fatal and nonfatal shootings.

Get the data and look for yourself.

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الحياة بين افئدة الوجود

نادية حرحش

يتساءل الكثيرون عن سر الفلسطيني. ويتساءل الفلسطيني إن كان هناك فعلاً سر في وجوده. وفيما بين التساؤلات عاش الفلسطيني بقناعة ما بأنه لا بد من وجود سر به..

مما لا شك فيه أن هناك شيئاً ما غريباً بالفلسطيني. به بعض السحر الذي يقترب إلى معضلة السر ربما. فهذه القدرة على التعامل مع الواقع تحت الاحتلال قدرة غريبة. ترى الإنسان الفلسطيني فيها يتكيف مع كل الأحوال والظروف الصعبة التي تستمر في إعادة تشكيل نفسها لتزيد من الصعوبة عليه، ويخرج عادياً قوياً مصرًّا متحدياً. هناك قوة ما بإصرار الفلسطيني على الوجود مع احتضانه الزاهد للموت. هناك تحدٍّ يبدو أنه يغلب التحدي نفسه أمام عنفوان وكبرياء لا يُفهم له مبرر ملموس.

هناك واقع صعب يفرض نفسه كالسهل الممتنع. لا يكاد الناظر من بعيد يراه، والداخل إليه لا يلتفت إلى تعقيداته حتى يصادف أول حاجز.. ويتساءل عن امتداد الجدار الذي مع كل خطوة يبدو أنه يقترب من التهامه. وذلك النظام المتمثل بجندي أو…

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EU Military Union

(Own report) – The German government has announced that the EU Military Union will be officially launched this Monday, with the European Council formally adopting 17 projects aimed at creating joint EU military structures. Germany is in charge of the establishment of a European Medical Command, considered an indispensable element of future EU military operations, alongside the European Air Transport Command, which has existed since 2010. Berlin is also establishing logistical structures that would facilitate rapid interventions. The German Bundeswehr is also active in both fields within the NATO framework. The operational preparation for future military missions is influenced by a fierce power struggle between Germany and France. According to the German ministry of defense, the military union is not only aimed at reaching more “independence” from the United States, but also at advancing EU “integration,” which is difficult to achieve with civilian means.

Source: Detail

“The German government has announced for this Monday the final adoption of the EU’s military program, “PESCO” (Permanent Structured Cooperation). The program, whose notification was already signed on November 13, ( reported [1]) provides for the systematic elaboration of military cooperation within the EU. Of the 17 initial projects that will be adopted today, four will be led by Germany. The 25 participating states have agreed to “regularly increase defense budgets in real terms;” to “increase in defense investment expenditure to 20%” and “expenditure allocated to defense research and technology” to 2% of total defense spending. All participants must provide “substantial support” to EU military operations – with personnel, materiel, training, exercise support, infrastructure or otherwise.”[2] “Fast-tracked political commitment” must be assured, according to the PESCO documents, otherwise the participating states should “review their national decision-making procedures.” This could possibly affect Germany’s parliamentary reservation. The German ministry of defense is praising PESCO as the “launch of the military union.”[3]”

This Week in Egypt: Week 50- 2017 ( Dec 4-10)


Top Headlines

  • Arab ministers meet in Egypt amid anger at the US
  • Arab states urge U.S. to abandon Jerusalem move
  • Egypt’s Grand Imam of Al-Azhar and Coptic Pope reject meeting with Pence over Jerusalem move
  • Egypt’s Sisi to meet Abbas on Monday

Jerusalem protest

Egyptian students at Al-Azhar university protest US Jerusalem move

(Photo: Ahram Arabic Gate)

Main Headlines



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