“The Senate bill offers a tax break for parents whose children attend private school. But it cuts…”

scum has more honor “The Senate bill offers a tax break for parents whose children attend private school. But it cuts deductions for state and local taxes, which could make it harder to fund the public schools where the vast majority of millennials will send their kids.”

No Wonder Millennials Hate Capitalism (via azspot)

Protests against Trump declaration met with violence across Palestine

Thousands protest President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Israeli forces kill at least one and critically wound another. Hundreds more are wounded by live fire, rubber bullets, and tear gas. By +972 Magazine Israeli forces killed at least one Palestinian and wounded hundreds of others in clashes across the occupied territories on Friday. There were no reports of Israeli injuries at the time of writing. Mahmoud Al-Masri, 30, was killed in clashes on the border area of Khan Younis in the Gaza Strip during a demonstration in response to President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.…

Source: Protests against Trump declaration met with violence across Palestine

Argentina deports British journalist ahead of WTO conference

And what does WTO have to say about this? Shame for Argentina!


Sally Burch included on list of 63 journalists and NGO officials banned from December meeting over ‘security concerns’

A British journalist has been deported from Argentina after the government included her in a list of 63 people who are prohibited from attending the World Trade Organisation ministerial conference, which takes place in Buenos Aires on 10-13 December.

At the capital’s Ezeiza international airport, shortly before being placed by authorities on a flight back to Ecuador, where she lives, Sally Burch said: “I’m a British journalist and I’m being rejected entry to Argentina.”

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نداء الى كوكب رام الله من القدس وغزة

نادية حرحش

نداء الى كوكب رام الله من القدس وغزة

قبل البدء ، استثني “شمال البيرة” ومنطقة (الدي سي او) من هذا المقال ، لأنه يبدو ان هذه المنطقة كذلك ، منطقة “دفع الثمن” لسكان كوكب رام الله.

وقبل الاسترسال بما اريد قوله ، اقول وبصوت عالي وثابت ، بأنني لا انادي للموت ،لا اريد ان ارى جريحا واحدا . ولكن ان نفقد اضعف الايمان هذه صفعة تأتي الى جانب صفقة القرن . هذا الجمود والسكون المشين هو ما تم الرهان عليه . اين الجماهير ؟ اين الشعب ؟ اين الغضب؟ هل يكتفي سكان العاصمة المعنوية لدولة المقاطعة بما يقوم به اشبال مخيم الجلزون من تعريض حياتهم للموت والقنص على اطراف مدينة البيرة؟

اتابع التظاهرات الهزيلة على المنارة او دوار الساعة ، هل تنتظرون مهرجانا لمحمد عساف او دعوة لحفل بمدينة روابي؟ هل على بلدية رام الله الدعوة لاشعال اضواء شجرة العيد لتتجمعوا وتتظاهروا ؟

غزة تدفع الثمن، وهي الحبيسة ،المحاصرة ،…

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Intifada.. 30 years later

Bless and have mercy on those who just want to live their lives – free and where they were born…

نادية حرحش

it has been three decades since the first intifada, when in a day like this day, Israeli occupation forces killed Palestinian laborers coming from Gaza. An uprising that caused an explosion of emotional and mental oppression that lasted for three, four decades back then. There were no significant checkpoints, no walls, no fences, however, there was life under occupation, and no matter how one tries to humanize occupation, it remains as brutal, as the fight between humanity and evilness.

The sense of freedom, is not just about drawing barriers and suppressing the movement . it is about that feeling of living as a free human being. Israel never seized to be less than a force of occupation an oppression and suppression that is injected in every behavior. Racism, discrimination, and murder.

Today, thirty years after our first intifada, it is not a coincidence that we are going back to square zero in this conflict. If…

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