After Trump announcement , the PA must pack and leave

“Abbas is as disgraceful to Palestinians, as much as Trump is a disgrace to human race.” nothing more need be said except what swear word best expresses anger and sadness for you!


I admit I feel depressed. I was flirting with the idea of Trump announcing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. I was even trying to rationalize it, to critically debate it. But when it happened I felt distressed. I feel my heart aching. I feel pain in my chest. I feel as if my heart is stopping to move.

This is jerusalem.. the heart of this nation. Given to another body that should claim it his heart officially.

yaaaa… who is America to decide a capital? And did Israel need American to determine its money? Yes, it is a sign of coercion, control, enforcing change on the ground.

yes, we will go out to the streets….. and apparently yes.. a new phase of more loss is entering …

Game over… no more Palestinian cause. There is no Palestine without Jerusalem.

Abbas made one of the worse speeches of his life today in response to the announcement. It was…

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