Don’t Breach what you Preach

The only way to grow beyond today’s yin/yang is to step a bit beyond it, see it, then begin a new spiral that enlarges the universe.

Nadia Issam Harhash

Well, I need to start by saying that I feel “philosophical.” living to meet our minimum standards of virtue can only be defined as philosophical in this life.

I have to add before I go on another important statement: I must be depressed.

When I get to the level where I find my eyes filled with tears on every emerging situation, it means I am dwelling on a depressive episode that is beyond me. Experience proved, however, that realizing, being aware, conscious, does not help in anything.

Life is proving that all the opposite is what is healthy for surviving life… not realizing, not being aware, and not being conscious is the recipe for a healthy life.

Sometimes things just start coming together. They interlink, mingle, and you cannot differentiate anymore from what is personal what is not. Social, political, work, family, the beggar in the street, the episode of…

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