Pope Francis’s failure to say the word ‘Rohingya’ shows he is no peacemaker | Joanna Moorhead

GAB Gimme a break – what a knee-jerk write off of an attempt to make things better.


The pontiff felt he had no option but to back out of denouncing persecution in Myanmar because of implications for local Catholics

White is the colour of peace, and no one on the world stage wears it bigger than the pope. Francis is never seen in anything else: his cassock, skull-cap, cape all dove-coloured.

It underlines his role in the global spotlight, so it’s understandable that many people in the world today are disappointed that he failed, in his keynote address in Myanmar, to use the politically and emotionally charged word “Rohingya” to stress his criticism of the crackdown on the Muslim community of the country. In the past, Francis has used the term, denouncing “the persecution of our Rohingya brothers”, who he said were being “tortured and killed, simply because they uphold their Muslim faith”.

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