I’ve developed gestational diabetes. And this is why Obamacare…


I’ve developed gestational diabetes. And this is why Obamacare is important. I have a great plan I pay $97 a month for, I’ve had a high-risk pregnancy with complications, and met my deductible, and now my co-pays are $0. I could not afford this prescription without it. Even with the co-pay, it’s $15.

That’s my insulin. It’s not something I (or my twins) should go without. But the “pro-life” party is cool with that, as long as their donors get tax breaks for their jets. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Affordable Care Act has saved my ass twice in 3 years. Once when I was on Nevada Medicaid, and now, on my Anthem plan. Unfortunately, I have to switch off it because GOP brinkmanship spooked Anthem off the Nevada state exchange. However, I’ve already found a similar plan.

Take away the mandate though, and it all becomes unaffordable. The next person who’s 7 months into a high-risk pregnancy with twins and develops diabetes may not be so lucky.