Tuesday Open Thread | The real reason Robert Mueller is sitting on a sealed indictment of Donald Trump

Over the weekend, Palmer Report spelled out the evidence which strongly suggests that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is sitting on at least one sealed indictment against Donald Trump, even as he openly pursues Trump’s various underlings. I’ve since been chewing on why Mueller would take this particular path. It’s now become more clear: it’s all about blocking Trump from being able to pardon anyone.

As I laid out earlier, court records list the indictment against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates as “Indictment (B)” means there’s also an “Indictment (A)” floating around out there, still under seal (link). By definition, Indictment (A) has to be against someone of higher value in the investigation than Manafort, which shortens the list to Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and maybe Jared Kushner. The target of the sealed indictment also has to be someone whose crimes relate to the crimes that Manafort and Gates are charged with, which essentially narrows it down to just Donald Trump himself. In other words, Mueller is sitting on a sealed indictment against Trump. But why?

It was a Palmer Report reader who helped me put the pieces together, as I’m once again reminded that I’m fortunate to have the smartest audience in all of politics. Various respected legal experts are of the belief that if Donald Trump tries to pardon his own alleged co-conspirators in the Trump Russia scandal, the courts will rule that those pardons are unconstitutional. Of course that puts the legal burden on Mueller to demonstrate that Trump’s underlings truly are his co-conspirators.

Special counsel Robert Mueller subpoenas the Trump campaign for more Russia-related documents, two sources say https://t.co/6p5tGZEtDm http://pic.twitter.com/lv9alnwRsP

— The Lead CNN (@TheLeadCNN) November 17, 2017

The shortest route to get there: each time Robert Mueller gets a grand jury to indict one of Donald Trump’s underlings (Manafort, Gates, Michael Flynn, etc) for any given crime, he’s having that grand jury indict Donald Trump as part of that same criminal conspiracy. That way, if Trump does try to pardon any of these people, Mueller can immediately unseal the indictment against Trump, thus blocking that pardon. This is almost surely why Mueller has a sealed “Indictment (A)” against Trump in the Manafort-Gates case.

Brian Eno and Roger Waters scorn Nick Cave’s ‘principled stand’ to play in Israel

Cave is a “purist-libertarian” who plays into hands of oppressors.

Australian labelled ‘naive’ and ‘arrogant’ after he accused pro-boycott campaigners of trying to bully and censor musicians

High-profile artists including Brian Eno, Roger Waters and Ken Loach have hit back at Nick Cave after the musician defended his tour of Israel as a “principled stand” against people trying to “bully” and “censor” musicians.

Eno, Waters and Loach are among a group of artists who have joined the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, a global campaign that aims to increase pressure on Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories, and lobbies artists, academics and businesses to refrain from engaging with or touring in Israel. U2, Björk, Elvis Costello and Lauryn Hill are among the high-profile artists who have joined the boycott.

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Nick, with all due respect, your music is irrelevant to this issue, so is mine, so is Brian Eno’s, so is Beethoven’s

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This paper shows how employees are forced to write down their passwords to their accounts in social media and to their emails. They also have to fill out their family members passwords.

IPS Inter Press Service posted a photo:

This paper shows how employees are forced to write down their passwords to their accounts in social media and to their emails. They also have to fill out their family members passwords.

Turkish Surveillance Invades Social Media Privacy

By Esref Okumus

State employees in Turkey have been forced to participate in a restriction of their own freedom of thought and expression. State authorities, as employers, have demanded that their employees report their own and their whole family’s passwords to all of their social media accounts. Holding back information could lead to imprisonment.

Nov 20 2017 (IPS) – ”The present government has taken measures that go beyond anything the previous military juntas did”, according to legal expert Sercan Aran of the trade union confederation KESK. The army has previously registered personal data and the private political opinions of suspected dissidents, but always under secrecy.

Now there is a form to be filled in: ”Personal details on employees”. The 22 000 employees of the State Hydraulic Works (DSI), which is the state agency responsible for national water resources, are required to share details that include their newspaper subscribtions, which unions and associations they are or have been members of, which bank accounts they have, and which NGOs and charity trusts they contribute to.

Further questions are directed at social media use. Yet not only on their own use, but also of their family members, such as husband/wife and children. Even their passwords are demanded.


– 5 years of ‘foreign agents’ law devastates environmental groups in Russia

What us worried about climate? Nah, we have plenty of space and once it’s beyond our borders… who cares? Interviews with directors of current or defunct environmental organizations across Russia reveal that at least 14 environmental nongovernmental organizations have stopped work rather than continue to operate while labelled a “foreign agent.”