Charles Manson’s prosaic and ugly life is over. But his loser cult lives on | Suzanne Moore

The majority of those alive today had never heard of Charles Manson, now they have and not because of Charlie but because of “journalists” and “editors” pimping for clicks and ad money.


A short man full of violence, rage and manipulation, his fantasy was of race war, and now his warped logic holds sway at the highest levels of US society

Charles Manson is finally dead. There is no resting in peace for such a person. At his trial, Manson told the prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi that he was already dead. He had said previously that he had been dead for 2,000 years. This was part of the confused allusions he made to being Christ. The terrible murders he committed in 1969 and his courtroom testimony transfixed America. The cult leader was finally starring in his own movie, strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage – a short, long-haired man full of violence, rage and manipulation.

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