“Around every corner, his fumbling fingers awaited”

Ugly truths finally being outed on predators.


Lyssna: Sexual harassment against female actors

Last night, actresses took to thirteen theatres across the country to reveal their stories of sexual harassment and abuse.

One woman, speaking in Malmö City Theatre’s main stage, told the story of an actress who was only 15 years old when the film director she was working with initiated a physical relationship with her. “Around every corner on set, his fumbling fingers awaited – to touch my body, and his meandering tongue, finding its way down my throat,” she says.

Plenty of similar stories were told in succession. In Stockholm alone, roughly two hundred women spoke at Södra Teatern, to an audience including Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Culture Minister Alice Bah Kuhnke. Recently, Bah Kuhnke summoned a number of theatre heads to a meeting to discuss harassment at work. Now, she has promised a series of measures from the government to tackle the problem.

But it was not just actresses speaking up over the weekend. On Sunday, 1,139 women from the IT and technology sector co-signed a letter with testimonies of sexism and harassment, under the hashtag teknisktfel, or technical error.

Phelan Chatterjee