America should act to end the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar | Congressman Steve Chabot and Congressman Joseph Crowley

Fine and what should America do about ethnic cleansing of Palestine?

I think a of people are trying for a free pass on concern for Muslims – while proposing war against Iran, ignoring in Gaza/Palestine, letting Saudi’s commit genocide in Yemen, and just what are we supporting in Northwest Africa? And what of ignoring Saudi support for radicalized faux-Islamic leaders of ISIS and the like?

The US needs to send a clear message that there is no excuse for a cruel, extensive and grossly disproportionate crackdown on Rohingya civilians

For far too many years a mix of repression, autocratic rule and marginalization has led to fear and crisis in Myanmar. The international community ought to pay attention to these atrocities before it is too late.

Myanmar is a diverse country with a long and storied history of tension among its over 130 ethnic groups, which live together in the nation’s 14 states and regions. Nowhere is this racial tension more fraught than in the Rakhine state.

The Rohingya are Muslims who live in majority-Buddhist Myanmar. They are often described as “the world’s most persecuted minority”. 

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