Billionaire Joe Ricketts vaporizes DCist and its related network of local news sites

They were good news sources – he is just an anti-union a-hole – has nothing to do with any business model other than not wanting to honor labor law and his employees. m398301*100xx1368-1371-17-0.jpgThe billionaire owner of DNAinfo, Gothamist and its affiliates, including DCist, abruptly shut down the network of local news sites at 5 p.m. Thursday, citing a business model he said could not support the product.

All traffic to DCist, Gothamist and its sister sites in Chicago, Los Angeles and elsewhere redirected Thursday afternoon to a statement from Joe Ricketts, the founder of TD AmeriTrade and DNAinfo, who had acquired Gothamist only a handful of months ago. The sites’ collective archives…

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