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Interesting how many different ways the story on Ebola is being used to promote profit, reputation, status and not knowledge. Ebola does not hide but that’s a catchy headline that helps promote a professor and his university. Deadly diseases are “quiet” or not killing hundreds and thousands of people in an epidemic or pandemic mode when the natural system is in balance. When a local or regional balance is disrupted by natural processes or human activity, an outbreak occurs. So where it hides or waits until called forth to rebalance the system is not as important as the triggering action. We can do something about deforestation, monocultural agriculture or dams but do not because that’s business and it is easier to pretend disease outbreaks are just freaks of natures that are not connected to humans causing the imbalance.

UCSF News Services
Where Does the Ebola Virus Hide Between Outbreaks?
UCSF News Services
You might be thinking, “Isn’t Ebola carried by bats?” In a recent episode of UC San Francisco’s Carry the One Radio, DeRisi – a UCSF professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics and co-president of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub – revealed that the evidence …

Trump says reports Clinton team funded scandalous Russia dossier ‘a disgrace’

And his son’s meeting to buy stuff on Clinton from the Russians was what? He wants to fog everyone’s mind so that when we find out how much he has gotten for selling out his country, we’ll just say huh?


Donald Trump latches onto revelations tying Hillary Clinton to a dossier of allegations about his ties to Russia, saying it is a “disgrace” Democrats helped pay for research that produced the document.

Firm restoring Puerto Rico’s power threatened to quit, mayor says | World news | The Guardian – “#TraitorTrump’s people are all about graft and greed at other people’s expense.”

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz had demanded greater transparency over the $300m deal secured by Whitefish Energy, a tiny two-year-old firm based in the Montana home town of the US interior secretary, Ryan Zinke.

Source: Firm restoring Puerto Rico’s power threatened to quit, mayor says | World news | The Guardian

Whitefish had only two full-time employees when Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico on 20 September, killing more than 50 people and knocking out power to the whole island. The company has since contracted more than 300 workers, but three-quarters of the US territory remains without electricity.

Texas girl, 10, with cerebral palsy faces deportation after trip to hospital

No heart!


Rosa Maria Hernandez, who was brought to US when she was three months old, was stopped at a checkpoint and escorted to hospital by border agents

A 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy is at risk of deportation after being stopped at a Border Patrol checkpoint and accompanied to hospital by officers who waited outside her room as she recovered from surgery.

Rosa Maria Hernandez was born in Mexico but has lived in the US since she was three months old. She was being taken from the Texas border city of Laredo to Corpus Christi for a gallbladder operation, travelling in an ambulance with a relative who is a US citizen.

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