Trump call controversy: Darcy cartoon |

There are multiple times and ways this controversy could have been avoided. *Trump was only asked by a reporter why the The White House hadn’t made a statement about the soldiers deaths in Niger.   Unsolicited, Trump started talking about writing letters to the families of the soldiers and comparing himself to Obama. All Trump need to do is express sympathy for the loss of life and then say they don’t want to comment until they have full information. * When Trump’s call was placed on speaker phone. Rep. Wilson could have suggested it be taken off speaker phone out of respect that Trump thought it was a private call and it should be. * After a reporter asked Wilson what Trump said.  Rep. Wilson could have, and probably should have told the reporter that the conversation was intended to be private and she wanted to respect that. * When Wilson  and Johnson’s mother said Trump had disrespected them, either Trump or the White House, should have made a public statement sating they regretted Trump’s message being misconstrued, and then salute Sgt. Johnson’s service and reaffirm the nations deepest sympathies. Instead, Trump and the White House went into attack more, prolonging the controversy. Parents of another soldier who lost their son, echoed something Chief of Staff Kelly said about his own experience.  More meaningful than a letter or phone call from the president, the parents said, was getting letters and phone calls from their son’s friends and fellow soldiers, who knew and fought alongside them.

Source: Trump call controversy: Darcy cartoon |