the disgraceful cultural scene in Palestine


This will appear like an angry blog, and it is undoubtedly so. I fully realize that reality is a mess. The Palestinian cause is only deteriorating into becoming a personal act of someone, anyone. This object starts and ends with one’s interests. One knits it by his own comfort and size. No norms, no values, no lines that differentiate between what is acceptable in the amount of a nation, a land, the people, the rights, the justice.

When the ministry of culture hosts in its cinema week, of course, we should be proud of having a ministry that screens movies. The stars of this year are the film directed by the Lebanese Ziyad Dwairy who directed a pro-zionist film some years ago portraying Palestinians as terror attackers inside the poor Israeli safe society . not only that , the Israeli gives Palestinians a life and the Palestinian, of course, betrays it . in that film, the…

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