Hurricane Maria: I thought the response would be different to past disasters — but it wasn’t – ABC News – Even the Aussies can see Puerto Rico is being screwed!

The Government needs to stop saying it’s all OKThe Trump administration has been criticised for its slow response.But really, the big mistake it has made has been to repeatedly claim that everything is OK when it’s plainly not the case.

Source: Hurricane Maria: I thought the response would be different to past disasters — but it wasn’t – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Republican congressman floats conspiracy that George Soros funded neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville – U.S. News –

Asked directly whether he thinks Soros funded the neo-Nazis, Gosar replied, “Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out?”Soros’ Open Society Foundation responded to Vice News in a statement, condemning Gosar for his remarks.“Such baseless allegations are insulting to the victims of the Holocaust, to all Jewish people, and to anyone who honors the truth. It is an affront to Mr. Soros and his family, who against the odds managed to survive one of the darkest moments in our history,” a spokeswoman wrote in a statement published by The Hill news site.

Source: Republican congressman floats conspiracy that George Soros funded neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville – U.S. News –

Trump’s administration deleted data on Puerto Rico’s crisis from FEMA’s website

They don’t think anyne is watching? Trump’s administration deleted data on Puerto Rico’s crisis from FEMA’s website:


The Trump administration has removed statistics from a federal website that revealed how dire the crisis in Puerto Rico remains in the wake of Hurricane Maria, according to a new report.

As Jenna Johnson reports for the Washington Post, sometime between Wednesday and Thursday morning, the Federal Emergency Management Agency removed information that showed only half of Puerto Ricans have electricity and only 5 percent of the island has electricity. The website was set up to document the federal response to the hurricane.

A FEMA spokesperson told the Post that information about the electricity and water access are still publicly accessible on, a site run by Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rosselló. That website is in Spanish.

On Friday, House Democrats criticized Trump’s administration for the removal of the information. “In response to the complete devastation in Puerto Rico, we have seen President Trump focus more on his public perception than on actually providing life-saving food, water, electricity, and medical aid to the Puerto Rican people whose lives are on the line,” Rep. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D-NM), chair of the Hispanic Caucus, said in an email to Vox. “I am outraged by the lack of transparency.”

President Trump has praised his administration’s “amazing” response to the hurricane, tweeting that the White House is doing “a GREAT job.” But as Vox’s Alexia Fernández Campbell has reported, the Trump administration has been slow to respond at virtually every step

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Tusk criticizes Myanmar over plight of Rohingya minority | News | DW | 06.10.2017 But cares for naught about killing and repressing Shia Muslims in Saudi Arabia and Gulf states? Oil talks and buys get out of genocide jail card?

The EU’s Donald Tusk called on the South Asian country to meet its human rights obligations. Meanwhile, the UN fears things will get worse in Myanmar and neighboring Bangladesh before they get better.

Source: Tusk criticizes Myanmar over plight of Rohingya minority | News | DW | 06.10.2017

Police chief disregarded IT security regulations

Hire under 30s to run things dummies!


IT storm: Sweden’s national police chief Dan Eliasson appears to have flouted security protocols.

Sweden’s national police chief flouted IT security protocols just months after being directed not to do so by the Swedish Armed Forces, according to fresh information uncovered by Swedish Radio.

Speaking to Swedish Radio, IT security expert Patrik Fältström described national police chief Dan Eliasson’s apparent disregard for Swedish Armed Forces’ security regulations as “clearly highly unusual.”

“For the Swedish Armed Forces to so clearly explain [this] to the police, and for Eliasson to take such a decision just a few months later is clearly highly unusual,” Fältström said.

Experts say that Eliasson did not have the right to select an encryption system not passed by the armed forces.

Eliasson has defended his actions, saying that existing rules permit the use of encryption systems other than those approved by the Swedish Armed Forces.

Eliasson first came under pressure over what he knew and when in September after Swedish Radio revealed that he had decided, in the spring of 2015, to forgo using approved encryption programmes, required by law, to keep personnel data safe.

Eliasson faced questioning from the parliamentary justice committee over the allegations last month.  

The police requested permission from the Swedish Defence Forces to use an unapproved encryption programme in August 2014. The programme was to be used for back-up copies the police wanted to make of an IT system.

Sources within the police have confirmed to Swedish Radio that this request was firmly rejected.

Several months later, when the police needed support from a private IT provider for maintenance of its payrole system, the directive was ignored and Eliasson selected an alternative encryption programme that was not approved by the Swedish Armed Forces.

Egypt: Mass Arrests Amid LGBT Media Blackout

Cannot hide your shame dummies – governments still want to believe they can control hide what they please – wrong! [HRW] Nairobi -The Egyptian government has intensified its campaign against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people and their supporters, arresting dozens of people in less than two weeks, Human Rights Watch said today. A media regulatory body has also banned all “positive” reporting on homosexuality.

Namibia: Skulls in U.S. Museum Must Lay Foundation for a Genocide Section

[New Era] Namibians living in the United States of America (USA) last month announced the discovery of eight skulls, which have been identified as of Namibian origin, in the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The eight skulls are only a drop in the ocean of thousands of human remains in this museum. Can this discovery really be surprising in view of the fact that human remains in their thousands and thousands have already been discovered in museums in the Federal Republic of Germany, a number of th

Trump disapproval hits 67% in poll | The minute


• As numbers plunge… Trump warns of ‘calm before the storm’… attacks contraception coverage… moves to nix banking regulations

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9.59pm BST

Only 24% of Americans believe the country is heading in the right direction, according to an AP poll. That’s a 10-point drop since June. 67% of Americans disapprove of the job Donald Trump’s doing, including about a third of Republicans.

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9.59pm BST

Trump was expected to withdraw his endorsement of the nuclear deal with Iran next week, and used a group photograph before a dinner with military leaders and their spouses to warn cryptically that the evening represented “the calm before the storm”.

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