Voter Fraud? A Trump Nominee Looks as if He Cast an Illegal Ballot – The New York Times

The Senate Finance Committee, which has been considering Mr. Gerrish’s nomination, was briefed on the matter on Tuesday, including the fact that Mr. Gerrish had almost certainly voted illegally, according to three Democratic congressional aides familiar with the briefing. Public records back up that notion.Given Mr. Trump’s intense focus on alleged widespread voter fraud in last year’s election — the president has claimed that millions of people voted illegally, without evidence — Democrats are likely to pounce on the misstep to try to sink Mr. Gerrish’s nomination.Julia Lawless, a spokeswoman for the committee’s chairman, Senator Orrin G. Hatch, Republican of Utah, said she could not comment on Mr. Gerrish’s voting history, but that the committee would continue to examine his record.