Nikon Picked 32 Photographers to Promote a Camera. All 32 Were Men. – The New York Times


Tired of editors giving assignments overwhelmingly to men, Ms. Zalcman created Women Photograph to address the imbalance. The database lists 650 women in 87 countries. It includes 40 in Africa, 37 in Asia and 38 in the Middle East. To not include women from those areas, she said, “almost seems like a mathematical impossibility.”Melissa Lyttle, president of the National Press Photographers Association, called Nikon’s marketing attempt an “egregious slap in the face to advancement that’s happened in the past 20 years in our industry.”She said she had worked for paternalistic editors who did not want to send a woman into harm’s way by giving her dangerous assignments. Other women have said they had to overcome sexual harassment, insular networks of men, and being pigeonholed into specific stories.