The Papaya Salmonella (4 kinds!) outbreak continues

Ahhhh! Globalization and Industrialized Agriculture

The CDC tracking of the papaya outbreak continues, with a score of

  • Case Count: 173
  • States: 21
  • Deaths: 1
  • Hospitalizations: 58
  • Recall: Yes

All foodborne illness outbreaks are devastating for victims but fascinating for investigators, since each is different.

This investigation has traced the illness-causing Salmonella to one kind of papaya (Maridol, under Caribeña, Cavi, and Valery brands) to one Mexican farm (Carica de Campeche).

But four Salmonella strains have been found in papaya samples and in ill people:

  • Kiambu
  • Thompson
  • Agona
  • Gaminara

The shift from one to another is evident in the epi curve:

The moral:

  • Don’t buy Maridol papayas.
  • If you have one, throw it away (but be careful not to cross contaminate surfaces)
  • If you don’t know where the papaya was grown, don’t eat it

If you are interested in the legal implications, check Bill Marler’s website.

Trump to scrap protection for ‘Dreamers’, give Congress six months to fix

Typical of a dolt who doesn’t have a clue about the job he is supposed to be doing #TraitorTrumP WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Donald Trump has decided to scrap a program shielding immigrants who came to the United States illegally as children from deportation but will give Congress six months to craft a bill to replace it, sources familiar with the situation said.

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Ex Libris: New York Public Library review – the restless mind of the city


A treasured US institution opens itself to the painstaking view of fly-on-the-wall master Frederick Wiseman, who finds enlightenment, humour, compassion and soul within its walls

Frederick Wiseman, who can reasonably be called one of the most groundbreaking film-makers still working, has spent his entire career taking deep dives on very specific topics. It’s maybe something of a punchline that now, at age 87, his latest subject is everything.

For over 50 years Wiseman’s all-seeing, fly-on-the-wall cinema has visited institutions (a psychiatric hospital, a park, a museum, a concert venue, a school), gobbled it all up and served it back in an edited form that, while avoiding a traditional three-act structure, links sequences that build to a rich, almost-transcendent understanding. Lord knows others ape the style, but few compare.

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F*ck You Billabong. Seriously, f*ck you. – Women 2.0

We get enough of this sh*t elsewhere, I assure you. We don’t need it from you too. So show me some badass (and beautiful, if you must) women out there shredding waves and having fun on the beach. Show me what is possible for me, as a woman, if I buy your products. Sell me that dream. Isn’t that what this whole business is about anyway?I’m your target market and you’re losing me. Do better.

Source: F*ck You Billabong. Seriously, f*ck you. – Women 2.0