Egyptian cinema and glamorizing violence


It is a pleasure and honour to join many liberal voices writing in the new Al-Hurra digital Arabic platform.  Here is, with permission, an english version of my first piece, which you can read it in Arabic here

Omar Sherif film Alhurra

Film “There isa man in our house” – Photo via Al-Hurra

Fans of black and white Arabic movies adore the classic masterpiece, “There is a man in our house.” The well-crafted drama featuring a top cast of Egyptian stars, including actor Omar Sharif, tells the story of a young radical leader, Ibrahim Hamdy, who seeks refuge in the house of an apolitical Egyptian family after assassinating the Egyptian Prime Minister. This movie has succeeded in captivating hearts and minds across the Arab world.

Yet it is surreal and deeply disturbing to see a film that glamorizes political assassination being broadcast regularly on various Egyptian TV channels, while their news tickers simultaneously announce…

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