Aquí, estoy atorado / Here, I am stuck – IMM Print – (40 years in US but now caged – WTF!)

Sergio has been caged for 18 months inside of a county jail in California that is contracted with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The government is trying to deport him, even though he has lived in the United States for over forty years.Sergio says he volunteers to do different jobs in detention. It keeps him busy and his mind occupied. His day starts at four in the morning when he begins to pass out clean clothes to each of the men in immigration mods. For the past few weeks, he has been re-painting the walls. He is paid a dollar a day. He insists that he doesn’t mind the work. It keeps him busy, he says, and outside of a cell.He tells me that there are men from all over the world inside here with him. They each are fluent in different languages so they begin to communicate with each other through signs. He and many others spend their time helping one another fill out forms that are needed to support their cases. He tells me he has learned a lot about immigration law as he’s been working on his case himself. But he’s come to a point where he can no longer move forward without the resources that he can only access from the outside.

Source: Aquí, estoy atorado / Here, I am stuck – IMM Print