Jerusalem and the death of hope



Photo via Reuters

Tension has erupted again in Jerusalem. Six people have lost their lives; three Palestinians in street clashes with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem, and three Israelis in a stabbing attack at a West Bank settlement last Friday. On the surface, this latest bloodshed is due to a dispute about new Israeli security measures at the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif complex. Israel installed new electronic gates at the entrance of the complex, and the Palestinians are against it. This latest escalation of conflict, unfortunately, reflects something much deeper: the death of hope for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Last month, the Times of Israel published a review article about the recent Hebrew book Milkud 67, or Catch-67, written by Israeli philosopher Micah Goodman. Goodman argued that there is no solution to the conflict; hence, he asks the Israeli left to abandon its dream of achieving peace with…

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