Why are we terrifying our neighbors’ children and deporting their parents? Kathleen Baka (Opinion) | cleveland.com

– I am a resident of Lake County. I buy plants for my yard from Lake County growers. My grass is cut, and beds mulched and weeded, by Lake County landscapers. I buy food at Lake and Geauga County farm markets.I do not know if the owners of these businesses employ undocumented workers, and I will not ask. I do know, from watching them work, that these workers, who have deep tans and often do not speak English, are very hard workers, out there in the boiling heat all day long, sometimes even on Sundays, working for those of us with more money and less incentive to do it ourselves.They are in stores buying goods with the money they earn working for low wages, at jobs we more privileged people do not want. They pay rent with the same money. They quietly go about their lives, helping to keep growers, landscapers, grocery stores, drugstores, big box stores, malls, and property owners in business. In our communities, especially Painesville, they contribute a significant amount to the local economies.

Source: Why are we terrifying our neighbors’ children and deporting their parents? Kathleen Baka (Opinion) | cleveland.com

How the Catholic Church ties in to Poland′s judicial reform | Europe | DW | 24.07.2017

“An authoritarian party, Jaroslaw Kaczynski’s ‘Law and Justice’ has shaken hands with fundamentalist Catholicism,” the theologian and former Jesuit priest Stanislaw Obirek commented as early as last year, in an interview with the German state broadcaster MDR. The church, he said, had become a political player.Although the chair of the Polish Bishops’ Conference, Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, supported Pope Francis, the majority of the Polish clergy were conservative and openly urged people to vote PiS, Obirek said. The theologian’s assessment was that “it was only through the submissiveness of all political parties towards the church that we ended up with the political situation we have in Poland today.”

Source: How the Catholic Church ties in to Poland′s judicial reform | Europe | DW | 24.07.2017

When Health Law Isn’t Enough, the Desperate Line Up at Tents – The New York Times


Anthony Marino, 54, reached into his car trunk to show a pair of needle-nosed pliers like the ones he used to yank out a rotting tooth. Shirley Akers, 58, clutched a list of 20 medications she takes, before settling down to a sleepless night in the cab of a pickup truck.Robin Neal, 40, tried to inject herself with a used-up insulin pen, but it broke, and her blood sugar began to skyrocket.As the sun set in the mountains of southwest Virginia, hundreds of hurting souls were camped out or huddled in vehicles, eager for an early place in line when the gates swung open at 5 a.m. for the nation’s largest pop-up free clinic.

New York Times Asks Fox for Apology After ‘Inaccurate Segment’ – The New York Times Fox has no problem with being Faux News and neither does #TraitorTrump

The New York Times story in question was published on June 8, more than three weeks after the raid. Furthermore, The Times described the piece to the Pentagon before publication and they had no objections. No senior American official complained publicly about the story until now, more than two years later.We understand that the segment and story are based on a misleading assertion by Gen. Thomas speaking at a conference in Aspen. However, that does not alleviate Fox News of the obligation to seek information from all the stakeholders in a story. With this segment, Fox & Friends demonstrated what little regard it has for reporting facts.

Jerusalem and the death of hope



Photo via Reuters

Tension has erupted again in Jerusalem. Six people have lost their lives; three Palestinians in street clashes with Israeli security forces in Jerusalem, and three Israelis in a stabbing attack at a West Bank settlement last Friday. On the surface, this latest bloodshed is due to a dispute about new Israeli security measures at the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif complex. Israel installed new electronic gates at the entrance of the complex, and the Palestinians are against it. This latest escalation of conflict, unfortunately, reflects something much deeper: the death of hope for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Last month, the Times of Israel published a review article about the recent Hebrew book Milkud 67, or Catch-67, written by Israeli philosopher Micah Goodman. Goodman argued that there is no solution to the conflict; hence, he asks the Israeli left to abandon its dream of achieving peace with…

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This Week in Egypt: Week 29 (July 18-23)


Top Headlines

  • Egypt urges Israel to immediately stop violence in Jerusalem
  • Largest Military Base in the Middle East Opens in Egypt
  • Egypt, Saudi Arabia deny revising 13 demands for Qatar
  • Egypt ends visa-free entry for Qataris
  • 8 suspected Hasm militants were killed in Egypt shootout

 Main Headlines



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