Jerusalem is not a place to live…Jerusalem is a place to be

Peace be with you all.


As we are entering the third week after the closure of Al Aqsa and installing the electric gates. Jerusalem is still holding tight with a resilience that is not far from the people of this city. The price is continuing to be high as clashes are not stopping and martyrs are increasing. But yet, the scene of people gathering for each prayer time in front the different gates of al Aqsa, despite what seems to be a real curfew on the old city gives a sense of strength that cannot be destroyed.
The last week proved that Israel’s only face is that face of brutal occupation. As the world ,and Israelis have been soothingly adjusting the occupation as a normal way of living, comparing their cruelty to the surrounding blood shed in the neighboring countries, Israel proved again and again that occupation cannot be beautiful or adjustable to a coexistence…

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